Static Code Analyzer PVS-Studio 6.22 Now Supports ARM Compilers (Keil, IAR)

Now our articles have every chance to become even more interesting because PVS-Studio can now check the code of embedded devices. We have added support for a few ARM compilers, which I talk about in detail below.

Static Code Analyzer PVS-Studio 6.22 Now Supports ARM Compilers (Keil, IAR)

by Andrey Karpov

From the article:

I find the RT-Thread operating system a perfect candidate to be the first embedded system checked with PVS-Studio. I glanced through the analysis report by PVS-Studio and picked 95 warnings that I thought to be the most interesting ones. Too see all those messages for yourself, download the rt-thread-html-log.zip archive with the full HTML report. We introduced this format not so long ago, and some users may not know about it. So, I'd like to use this opportunity to explain it once again.

C++ STL for Embedded Developers—John Hinke

E.S.R. Labs presents its STL library adapted to embedded environments and discusses some of the choices they made for it:

C++ STL for Embedded Developers

by John Hinke

From the article:

C++ embedded programming is very difficult. There are some limitations that are not always present in traditional programming environments such as limited memory, slower processors, and older C++ compilers.

We have developed a set of best-practice processes and frameworks to support writing high-quality embedded applications...