C++ User Group Meetings in February

The monthly listing of upcoming C++ User Group meetings at Meeting C++:

C++ User Group Meetings in February

by Jens Weller

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The monthly overview on the upcoming C++ User Group meetings! In the shortest month of the year there are still 21 C++ User Groups which are meeting!

There are 7 new C++ User Groups: Sofia, Ho Chi Minh, Iasi, Noida, Macedonia, Buenos Aires, Stuttgart / Ludwigsburg (Qt).

LLVM/Clang Sprint hosted by Bloomberg

Come and have fun hacking on LLVM, Clang and other projects in the LLVM ecosystem!

Clang/LLVM Sprint Weekend in New York and London

Bloomberg is hosting a sprint weekend on the 6th & 7th of February 2016 in New York and London.

Entrance is free, registration is required! Internet access, food, beverages and mentors will be provided. Bring your own laptop and C++ skills.

"Quick Start" sessions will be provided for those who are new to the project. It's a great opportunity to learn and contribute!

The sessions will run on Saturday from 10:00-22:00 and on Sunday from 10:00-17:00. There will be no access to the facilities between 22:00 on Saturday evening and 10:00 Sunday morning.

New York:


C++ User Group Meetings in January

The monthly update of C++ User Group Meetings at Meeting C++:

C++ User Group Meetings in January 2016

by Jens Weller

From the article:

The monthly overview on upcoming C++ User Group meetings! There is a new C++ User Group in Iasi, Romania and a lot of C++ User Groups which are meeting in January!

Maybe you want to start a C++ User Group in 2016? Also feel free to contact me on the topic!

C++Now 2016 Call for Submissions is Live

C++Now 2016 will be held in Aspen, May 9–14, 2016.cpp_Now.png

C++Now 2016 Call for Submissions

From the invitation:

Building upon the resounding success of previous BoostCon and C++Now conferences, C++Now 2016 will present leading speakers from the whole C++ community.

The C++Now Conference is dedicated to discussion and education about C++, an open and free language and standard.  Our Conference will focus on discussion and education about open source software usage and developments in the C++ developer and user community. To reflect the breadth of the C++ and Boost communities, the conference includes sessions aimed at three constituencies: C++ and Boost end-users, hard-core library and tool developers, and researchers pushing the boundaries of computation. The program fosters interaction and engagement within and across those groups, with an emphasis on discussion.

As a multi-paradigm language, C++ is a melting pot with the most compelling ideas from other programming communities blending in powerful ways. Historically, some of the most popular sessions at C++Now have highlighted these concepts, from DSLs to functional programming to transactional memory and more.  Bring your C#, Python, Ruby or Haskell influences to bear in an environment that will broaden their exposure.

At C++Now 2016 we would like to focus on the now established C++11 and C++14 standards and how those standards shape C++’s future. However, by no means is this intended to restrict the topics of proposals we hope to see. Any other topic related to C++, as described below, is suitable for submission.

This year's window for submitting is shorter than normal. Submissions must be in by January 29th, less than four weeks away.


Trip Report: using std::cpp 2015 at Spain

On November 18th 2015, for the third year in a row, we had a C++ day in Spain. Our local event using::std cpp 2015 starts to consolidate as an annual event for the Spanish C++ community. Each Fall more than 100 developers join some academics and students to exchange experiences about using C++.

My full English language trip report can be found here:

Trip report: using std::cpp 2015

DISCLAIMER: Please, note that all talks where given in Spanish. We will be publishing the slides and videos in the next days. However, we feel that this activity is of interest for a wider audience...

C++ User Group Meetings in December

The monthly listing of upcoming C++ User Group Meetings on Meeting C++:

C++ User Group Meeting in December 2015

by Jens Weller

From the article:

The montly overview on C++ User Group meetings, this time for December. Meeting C++ is just a few days away, so I'm excited to see that again, so many groups are meeting. Also there are few new user groups worth mentioning! 2 x India (Delhi, Udaipur), Sydney, Beijing, Zürich, Sacramento and Ann Arbor! A new trend seems to be to form learning groups and meet weekly for a in depth C++ tutorial...

C++ meetup in Madrid, Spain: C++ in the video game industry.

Yes! A new edition of the local C++ meetup will take place on the 4th of December at Google Campus' facilities. All the info and RSVPs below:

C++ en la industria del videojuego

by Jordi Mon Companys.

What to expect?

Jose Daniel García will moderate a table of experts in gamedev in C++ that will friendly elbaorate on the state of the language on regards to gamedev, its advantages and threats. Afterwards we will join forces with Product Hunt Madrid and we will have the chance to hear how King develops its games and how a group of students from U-Tad university have managed to get their game nominated to the Play Station Awards. We will water down our thoughts and reflections with plenty of beer thanks to's sponsorship.

ACCU 2016 call for papers: closes 13th Nov

A reminder that the ACCU 2016 conference call for papers closes on Fri 13th Nov. The conference dates are 19th- 23rd April 2016 and the venue will again be Bristol, England.

ACCU 2016 call for papers

About the conference:

ACCU has a strong C++ track, though it is not a C++-only conference. If you have something to share, check out the call for papers on the ACCU website: