C++ Siberia 2015

Program, speakers etc. are all online now in Russian.

C++ Siberia 2015

Organized by Sergey Platonov

What to expect at Siberia C++:

The event will take place in Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia in August 2015. People from Yandex, Boost, PVS-Studio and many more companies will share their knowledge on compilers, concurrency and much more.

CppCon 2015 program is available: 100+ talks, all new

cppcon-054.PNGThe CppCon 2015 program has been posted! A few additional well-known speakers will also be announced soon for the remaining plenary sessions, but the majority of the program is now set: After the opening keynote by Bjarne Stroustrup on "Writing Good C++14," once again there are 100+ top-quality talks in 6 tracks all week long at this year's premier C++ festival, presented by over 80 speakers from around the world.

Note that there are no repeats -- all of the 100+ talks are new since last year. (If you missed last year's talks, you can watch them for free online on YouTube and Channel 9.) This year the program committee had even more submissions than last time, nearly twice as many as could be accepted. Even though this meant turning down lots of very good talk proposals simply for lack of room, the good news is that's because there was so much even stronger material, and this year's program is packed with the very best topics and content on C++ available this year. Register now for September 20-25, 2015!

Here's the announcement:

CppCon 2015 Program Available

The CppCon 2015 Program is now (mostly) available with talk titles, abstracts, and speakers. The program contains over 100 one-hour sessions by over 80 speakers including many speakers returning from last year’s very successful program as well as many new voices. Not all sessions are announced yet, but we have announced our opening keynote by C++ creator Bjarne Stroustrup on Writing Good C++14.

Finally, we would like to thank the program committee, the speakers on the program, and the many more who proposed talks which we unfortunately just couldn’t squeeze in this year. Thank you for your hard work and enthusiastic support for this year’s program!

Traveling for C++ - a trip report about C++Now and NDC Oslo

I just published the trip report for C++Now and NDC Oslo:

Traveling for C++ - a trip report about C++Now and NDC Oslo

by Jens Weller

From the article:

Things have changed a little bit since I first visited C++Now in 2012. Today I do quite a lot of traveling for C++ and Meeting C++. I've been to Aspen in May to visit C++Now for the 4th time, and just returned from NDC Oslo...

C++ User Group Meetings in July

The monthly overview on upcoming C++ User Group Meetings, this time its 18 User Groups who are meeting during summer!

C++ User Group Meetings in July

by Jens Weller

The list of meetings:

7.7 C++ UG Chicago - Memory Management in C++14 and Beyond
8.7 C++ UG San Francisco/ Bay area - HPX, C++ parallel programming framework
8.7 C++ UG Bristol - The Anatomy of Exceptional Engineers
9.7 C++ UG New York - July C++ Meetup
9.7 C++ UG Amsterdam - Hot C++, Part 2
9.7 C++ UG Dresden - Lazy generating non-integral values in range-based for loops
15.7 C++ UG Utah - Embedded Scripting with ChaiScript
15.7 C++ UG Bristol - Save the date
15.7 C++ UG Washington, DC - Q & A / Info Sharing
15.7 C++ UG Düsseldorf - Traveling for C++, a trip report
21.7 C++ UG Berlin - Ingo Josopait - Introducing the Goopax compiler for GPUs and Barb
21.7 C++ UG Portland - PDXCPP July Meeting-- feat. Jon Kalb
22.7 C++ UG San Francisco/ Bay area - Workshop and Discussion Group
23.7 C++ UG Rhein-Neckar - Presenting for Geeks
28.7 C++ UG Cologne - Monthly meeting
29.7 C++ UG Washington, DC - Q & A / Info Sharing
29.7 C++ UG Hamburg - Protocol Buffers
30.7 C++ UG Bremen - C++ Testframeworks

Webinar: A Tour of Modern C++—Thursday, July 2nd, 2015

JetBrains is hosting a free webinar (registration required):

A Tour of Modern C++

Thursday, July 2nd, 2015

14:00 - 15:00 GMT (10:00 AM - 11:00 AM EDT)

The C++ programming language has moved quickly from relative stagnation to rapid evolution, with new versions of the standard adding sought-after features to the language and standard library. In this webinar we shall take a look at the latest language additions introduced in C++11 and will also talk a little bit about some of the forthcoming features in C++14 and 17.

Space is limited, please register now. There will be an opportunity to ask questions during the webinar.

About presenter

Dmitri Nesteruk is a developer, speaker, podcaster and technical evangelist. His interests lie in software development and integration practices in the areas of computation, quantitative finance and algorithmic trading. His technological interests include C#, F# and C++ programming as well high-performance computing using technologies such as CUDA. 

Bloomberg C++ Challenge for Chance to Attend CppCon

Announced by Bloomberg this week, starts June 22:

Got What it Takes? Enter C++ Challenge for Chance to Attend CppCon

From the press release:

This summer, Bloomberg is hosting a weekly coding competition in partnership with the Standard C++ Foundation and CppCon, the flagship C++ conference. Part of Bloomberg’s overall CodeCon program, this contest will award seven problem solvers with a trip to Bellevue, Washington to attend CppCon in September 2015. The competition will be opened only to students currently enrolled in a university or college. Bloomberg CodeCon is a browser-based eLearning platform used by universities in their curricula, and powers coding challenges for college students in the US and Europe.

The series of seven weekly challenges will kick off on June 22, 2015, and each week contestants will be provided a different set of problems to solve via Bloomberg’s cloud-based CodeCon platform. Each week’s winner will earn a trip to CppCon in September. The list of seven winners will be announced and notified via email on August 5.

Additional coding contests will take place at the CppCon event in September for those who attend.

“We are excited to expand the types of competitions we can create and the opportunities CodeCon can provide to contestants,” said Rangan Prabhakaran, Bloomberg R&D developer and creator of CodeCon. “Focusing the competition to C++ and partnering with an industry leading conference like CppCon allows us to open greater opportunities for the programmer community at all skill levels.”

Keep an eye out for further contest details by following us on Twitter @BloombergLabs where we will be announcing the beginning of challenges – and make sure you are checking out the Bloomberg CodeCon site:

CppCon 2014 Attendee Video—

Registration is open for CppCon 2015 this September. If you're considering going, but aren't sure what to expect, check out the two-minute video below to get a feel for the event:

CppCon 2014 Attendee Video

Also in the announcement, more good ammunition for telling your manager why you and your colleagues need to attend this year:

If you are thinking about attending CppCon 2015, but you are still on the fence because you didn’t attend last year’s conference here are some tips to help you decide.

  • You can check out the program from last year to see what kind of sessions we’ll likely have this year.
  • You can check out last year’s speakers to see the type of speakers who you likely get to meet this year.
  • You can watch last year’s sessions on YouTube or Channel 9.
  • You can watch this video [above] with comments from some of last year’s attendees.

Boost Your Productivity with Modern C++—June 8-12 (German), June 22-26 (English)

gottschling-seminar.PNGEarly-bird registration ends on Friday:

Boost Your Productivity with Modern C++

Leipzig, Germany

June 8-12, 2015 (German)

June 22-26, 2015 (English)

From the announcement:

Do you develop your developers?

Only when the last programmer is gone to Silicon Valley, we will realize that the digital progress won’t wait for us.

Google, Facebook, Amazon are clear examples showing that the growth of the IT market is passing by Germany. Over here, the formation of IT experts is systematically neglected. The industry is held back by the shortage of skilled programmers. Though we cannot create new developers for you, we can lift YOUR developers to the next level.

Yet in times of Big Data and Industry 4.0 the popularity of C++ remains unaffected, especially for operating systems, compilers and embedded systems. The revolutionary improvements in C++11 and C++14 brought the language further into the center of attention. For C++17, we are expecting even more spectacular progress.

Our practical training is based on the exclusive material from our tutor’s yet unpublished book on this powerful language.

The training is not a dull walk through all features of C++ but an inspiration how they can be applied with maximal efficacy. The programming language offers a wide variety of possibilities to create your own abstractions -- up to building your own embedded domain-specific language. Thereby, C++ is the only programming language allowing for such powerful abstractions while gaining maximal performance. Good C++ programming decreases the risk of errors and increases the programs' robustness. In addition, your programs will be even clearer, easier, and more attractive to your co-workers -- thus, more readable and maintainable.

Interactive exercises with practical relevance combine theory with your everyday business. We offer an intensive training in small groups with up to 10 participants in German or English. It is designed for software developers who want to develop high quality programs characterized by intuitive interfaces and maximum performance. At the end of the training, a certificate for each participants will be issued.

Trainer: Dr. Peter Gottschling is the author of the Matrix Template Library 4, co-author of Boost Graph Library as well as various other libraries. He was Head of the German delegation to the ISO Committee for the standardization of C++ and is Vice Chairman of the DIN Committee for programming languages. He has taught C++ at the Technische Universität Dresden, Technische Universität Berlin and Indiana University. Today, he is the CEO of SimuNova while working on his book "Discovering Modern C++" that will be released later this year.