The voting on the talks for Meeting C++ 2020 begins!

The yearly voting for the program of the yearly Meeting C++ Conference has started!

The voting on the talks for Meeting C++ 2020 begins!

by Jens Weller

From the article:

With today, you can start to vote on all submitted talks for Meeting C++ 2020! As 2020 is a bit special, it is less talks, but also this years conference will only feature one track, the voting will give me guiding in which talks to choose from speakers with multiple talks, but also will help to see which other speakers might should make it to the conference. Unlike prior years the main track can't be the mostly consisting out of the most popular talks of the voting.

C++ on Sea : Full schedule, Nico Josuttis Keynote and Remo as a platform

With less than two weeks to go before the conference (in fact only one week before the first workshop), we have some big announcements!


Full schedule, Nico Josuttis Keynote and Remo as a platform

by C++ on Sea

From the article:

After evaluating many options, including building our own solution (from component parts), we have settled on a fairly new system called Remo. What we love about Remo is that it's the closest thing we've found to recreating the experience of being at a physical event


C++ on Sea moves online - and into July

C++ on Sea will now be a virtual conference, held July 15th-17th (with workshops the following week).

C++ on Sea moves online - and into July

From the article:

We decided to move the workshops a little further away, since we no longer have the constraints imposed by venue, accommodation and travel - but we do want to reduce the number of consecutive days people will need to spend watching online.

The workshops will also run on different days from each other - so, potentially, you could attend more than one!

Virtual Italian C++ Conference 2020

An online-only full day of C++:

Virtual Italian C++ Conference 2020

June 13, 2020


In a nutshell

The Italian C++ Conference 2020 has been turned into an online-only event, due to the COVID-19 global emergency.

The event consists in live sessions, a few pre-recorded sessions, and virtual rooms for networking.


What can I find in the Virtual Italian C++ Conference 2020?

You will find:

  • live keynote by Nicolai JosuttisC++ Move Semantics – The surprising things you should better know
  • 7x50-min live sessions
  • 2x50-min and 1x30-min pre-recorded sessions
  • text/video/voice moderated and sized virtual rooms for networking

You can refer to the event page for more information.


How can I attend the virtual event?

The event will go live on June 13 from 9 AM CEST.

All the sessions (live and pre-recorded) will be hosted on our YouTube channel. However, only registered people can see session links in advance.

Virtual rooms will be hosted on our Discord server. For invitation link and further details, you must register for the event.

Who supports this event?

The event is totally organized by the Italian C++ Community and it is sponsored by Think-cell and AIV.


Do I need to register?

The Virtual Italian C++ Conference 2020 is free (as all the previous editions) but you must register to be invited to virtual rooms  and to receive session links in advance.

Direct link to (free) tickets here.



See you at the event, safely from home!

Reminder: Pure Virtual C++ Conference 2020 tomorrow

pvcpp.PNGReminder: In less than 24 hours, we'll have a worldwide C++ event:

Sign up for Pure Virtual C++ Conference 2020

by Sy Brand

From the post:

Pure Virtual C++ 2020 is a free single-track one-day virtual conference for the whole C++ community. It is taking place on Thursday 30th April 2020 from 14:30 to 23:00 UTC. Sign up on the event website.

All talks will be pre-recorded and streamed on YouTube Live with a live Q&A session with the speakers. After the event, the talks will be available to watch online for free.

Trip report: C++ Siberia 2020--Timur Doumler

Did you attend?

Trip report: C++ Siberia 2020

by Timur Doumler

From the article:

In 2019, I had a very busy conference year. I had just become self-employed, which meant I did not have to ask anyone’s permission anymore to go to a C++ conference. And because conferences are fun, I decided to go to all of them. Well, not all of them, but I ended up speaking at quite a few that year: CppOnSea (Folkestone), ACCU (Bristol), using std::cpp (Madrid), 4Developers (Warsaw), C++Now (Aspen), CoreC++ (Tel Aviv), C++Russia (both of them – Moscow & St. Petersburg), CppCon (Denver), ACCU Autumn (Belfast), MeetingC++ (Berlin), and finally CoreHard (Minsk). The latter one was particularly memorable because it was the first time a C++ conference invited me to deliver the opening keynote (and it was an amazing experience – thank you!)...

Trip report: C++ Siberia 2020 -- Timur Doumler

To remind ourselves of the good old times when we had real-life C++ conferences, I just wrote up a trip report from C++ Siberia 2020:

Trip report: C++ Siberia 2020

by Timur Doumler

About the article

This conference took place just after the C++20 committee finished work on C++20 at the committee meeting in Prague, and just before all the other conferences got cancelled or postponed due to the covid-19 outbreak.

I gave the opening keynote, entitled "How C++20 changes the way we write code". It was a really great event, and I will remember it forever as it was my last trip before I started self-isolating.