Workshops for C++ on Sea 2023

The C++ on Sea 2023 pre-conference, one-day workshops, are now available:

Workshops for C++ on Sea 2023

by C++ on Sea

About the workshops

Workshops on coroutines, concurrency and modern C++ idioms from Nathan Baggs, Rainer Grimm and Mateusz Pusz, respectively.

Next week: Meeting C++ online job fair

Next week is the first Meeting C++ online job fair in 2023!

Meeting C++ online job fair page

by Jens Weller

From the page:

Join the online C++ job fair on the 14th and 15th March organized by Meeting C++. The job fair will start at 15:00 CET and go until 18:00 on March 14th, on March 15th the event will be in the evening from 20 - 23:00 CET. Companies can choose to be present on both or only one of these events, or to only receive CVs through Meeting C++.

The job fair is an online event where employers and C++ job seekers get to meet each other. Candidates get the chance to get a first feel of a potential employer, and can exchange contacts with those that they'd like to apply to. Employers should book their own table and be present with one or multiple staff.

The C++ Language: Present and Future -- Daniel Garcia

This year we had a wonderful C++ start at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. The Department of Computer Science and Engineering was honored to have Prof. Bjarne Stroustrup giving a seminar on C++ to start the semester.

We are always happy to have Bjarne Stroustrup with us. Since 2019 he holds a Honorary Doctorate by Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and he has visiting us several times.

Both talks were very well attended with a nice mix of professional developers from industry, students (bachelor, masters and PhD) and researchers and professors from several different departments.

This is a short summary of the two talks he gave:

Day 1: C++ 20: Reaching the aims of C++.

About the video

Out of necessity C++ has been an evolving language. I outline some early ideals for C++, some techniques for keeping the evolution directed, and show how C++20 comes close to many of those ideals. Specific topics ncludes type-and-resource safe code, generic programming, modularity, the elimination of the preprocessor, and error handling. Naturally, over the years, C++ has acquired many “barnacles” that can become obstacles to developing elegant and efficient code. That has been a recognized problem since the early days of C – Dennis Ritchie and I talked about it – so we must distinguish between what can be done and what should be done. The C++ Core Guidelines is the current best effort in that direction.

Day 2: Type-and-resource Safe programming in ISO Standard C++.

About the video

You can write C++ with no violations of the type system, no resource leaks, no memory corruption, no garbage collector, no limitation of expressiveness or performance degradation compared to well-written modern C++. This talk show how this can be achieved – and guaranteed – by the applying the C++ Core Guidelines, simple supporting libraries (mostly the ISO C++ standard library), and static analysis.

Many examples demonstrate how this can be done with code that’s dramatically simpler than older C++ (and C) code. This talk will touch upon RAII, type deduction, span, range checking, nullptr, initialization, invalidation,  casting and variants.


ACCU 2023 Registration is open -- ACCU

The registration for the upcoming ACCU 2023 conference from 2023-04-19 to 2023-04-22 has opened.

ACCU 2023 Registration is open


About the conference

Again we had the opportunity to assemble a great schedule by speakers from the community who want to share their experience!

Our this years keynote speakers are Björn Fahller, Dave Abrahams, Gail Ollis and Stephanie Brenham.

We have two days with full-day workshops before the conference by Mateusz Pusz, Mike Shah, Nico Josuttis, Peter Sommerlad and Vladimir Vishnevskii.

Again Gail Ollis will give an Early Career Day in colaboration with Chris Oldwood, Giovanni Asproni, Jez Higgins, Jon Skeet, Kevlin Henney and Roger Orr for a reduced fee.

Early bird rates apply until 23.59 GMT on Tuesday 28th February 2023.


The 2023 Call for Speakers opens -- C++ on Sea

Whether you're a first-time speaker, or an old pro, we have a place for you at C++ on Sea in 2023. We'd love to hear from all parts of the community, so if you have something to say - please let us know!

The 2023 Call for Speakers opens

From the article:

The call runs until 8th January 2023. If you're reading this at the start of December that might sound like a long way off, yet - but don't be fooled! Due to time dilation caused by the end of year holiday season, it can sneak up much faster than you expect. So don't delay.

The Power of Clean C++ -- SonarSource

We use C++ for its raw power. But that power comes at a price: the language is notoriously hard to use correctly and efficiently - especially both at the same time. And that's before you try and make it easy for the next person to read, too!

The Power of Clean C++

by SonarSource

From the announcement:

Regardless of our skill level we could all use a little help writing our best code. In this webinar I'll show how you can be guided by tools that work in your IDE, on your builder server or CI, and as you merge pull requests. Well look at a series of examples of real code - some with less-than-obvious issues and see how these tools work. We’ll get your code clean - and stay clean - with minimal effort and without being overloaded with warnings.

For extra context: this is a Sonar event, so Sonar tools will be shown.

C++ on Sea 2023

C++ on Sea will be back by the sea, again, for 2023. This time we'll be running in the last week of June (27th-30th)

C++ on Sea 2023

From the article:

A limited number of Super Early Bird tickets are available now at a larger discount. Once they are gone Early Bird tickets will remain available until the speakers are announced (or they run out) - after which tickets will be full price.

We'll soon open the call for speakers and provide more information


Meeting C++ 2022 is in 3 weeks!

This years Meeting C++ conference is only 3 weeks away! Not much time left to join this years conference in Berlin or online for watching the talks and being part of the discussions around C++ and software design!

Meeting C++ features this year keynotes by Nicolai Josuttis, Daniela Engert and Klaus Iglberger! Online the conference offers AMAs with Andrei Alexandrescu, Inbal Levi and Bjarne Stroustrup. Onsite 3 tracks are hosted, with a 4th track being online only.

Meeting C++ 2022

by Jens Weller

From the page:

Meeting C++ 2022 will be held as a hybrid event in Berlin and online on 17th - 19th November 2022.

This years conference will be hybrid, a limited number of attendees will be able to join in Berlin, but the conference will also feature online and onsite only content. You'll be able to meet and exchange with the world wide C++ community for 3 full days.