C++ Best Practices: A Forkable Standards Document - Jason Turner

A forkable coding standards and best practices document for C++.

C++ Best Practices

by Jason Turner

From the book

It (C++ Best Practices) compliments books such as Effective C++ (Meyers) and C++ Coding Standards (Alexandrescu, Sutter). We fill in some of the lower level details that they don't discuss and provide specific stylistic recommendations while also discussing how to ensure overall code quality.


This document is based on my personal experiences. You are not supposed to agree with it 100%. It exists as a book on github so that you can fork it for your own uses or submit back proposed changes for everyone to share.


CppCon opens Call for Submissions—Jon Kalb

CppCon has announced its call for submission for 2015. The deadline for submissions is May 22nd and the conference will start September 20th.

Call for Submission

From the invitation:

CppCon is the annual, week-long face-to-face gathering for the entire C++ community. The conference is organized by the C++ community for the community and so we invite you to present.

Join our C/C++ compiler experts at the first annual #OpenPOWER summit next week—Larry Lindsay

openpower15.PNGIf you're in the San Francisco Bay area, you might be interested in this from IBM:

Join our C/C++ compiler experts at the first annual #OpenPOWER summit next week

by Larry Lindsay

From the announcement:

Next week the First Annual OpenPOWER Summit takes place in San Jose, California from March 17-19... The XL C/C++ compiler team will be presenting two sessions on the latest compilation technology advancements...

C++ User Group Meetings in March

The monthly overview on the upcoming C++ User Group Meetings:

C++ User Group Meetings in March

by Jens Weller

The list of this month meetings:

4.3 C++ UG Saint Louis - DD Part 3 - C++11/14 Standard Libraries
5.3 C++ UG Paris - C++ FRUG #6 - La métaprogrammation, non non ca sert en vrai
11.3 C++ UG Utah - Graphics and Audio with Cinder
11.3 C++ UG Hungary - More Effective STL
11.3 C++ UG San Francisco/ Bay area - Experience with C++11 in ArangoDB
12.3 C++ UG NRW/Aachen - C++ User Gruppe (März)
12.3 C++ UG Dresden - Coding Dojo
12.3 C++ UG New York - How to Write A Shared Library
16.3 C++ UG Denver - C++ Lightning Talks
16.3 C++ UG Austin - North Austin Monthly C/C++ Pub Social
17.3 C++ UG Chicago - Richard Stallman
17.3 C++ UG Edinburgh - C++ Edinburgh
17.3 C++ UG Montpellier - Rencontre C++ mars
17.3 C++ UG Berlin - monthly meeting
18.3 C++ UG Bristol - Save the date
18.3 C++ UG Düsseldorf - Treffen der C++ User Gruppe NRW
18.3 C++ UG Ann Arbor - Meet & Greet
18.3 C++ UG Hamburg - C++ in der numerischen Programmierung
19.3 C++ UG Ruhrgebiet - surprise, surprise
24.3 C++ UG Portland - PDXCPP March Meeting
25.3 C++ UG San Francisco/ Bay area - Workshop and Discussion Group
26.3 C++ UG Bremen - First meetup
26.3 C++ UG Rhein-Neckar - C++ Usergroup Meeting
26.3 C++ UG Munich - Monthly Meeting
26.3 C++ UG Madrid - Sistemas Distribuidos con ZMQ y Google Protocol Buffers
27.3 C++ UG Istanbul - Smart Pointers - from 03 to 17

C++Now 2015 Student/Volunteer Program Accepting Applications

You are a student? Look at this:

C++Now 2015 Student/Volunteer Program Accepting Applications

From the website:

The C++Now Student/Volunteer program was started in 2013 in an effort to encourage student involvement in the C++Now conference and the C++ community. Each year, the conference helps a small group of young programmers attend the conference. In exchange, the students help the C++Now staff in running the conference. Volunteers assist with various on-site tasks, such as recording sessions, escorting keynote speakers and setting up the conference picnic. They are able to attend most sessions. Volunteers receive a waiver of their registration fees and stipends for travel-related expenses may be provided.

Call for Papers: C++ track at NDC Oslo 2015, June 17-19

ndc-2015.pngThere was a lot of interest for the very strong C++ track that we hosted at the NDC conference in Oslo last summer. Here is a brief summary of the event, including links to the videos we recorded.

We are repeating the success this year, June 17-19. A few big C++ names has already been signed up, but there is still available slots in the agenda. If you would like to be part of the C++ track this year, please submit your proposal soon.

Call For Papers for NDC Oslo 2015

The CFP closes February 15.