C++ meetup in Madrid, Spain: C++ in the video game industry.

Yes! A new edition of the local C++ meetup will take place on the 4th of December at Google Campus' facilities. All the info and RSVPs below:

C++ en la industria del videojuego

by Jordi Mon Companys.

What to expect?

Jose Daniel García will moderate a table of experts in gamedev in C++ that will friendly elbaorate on the state of the language on regards to gamedev, its advantages and threats. Afterwards we will join forces with Product Hunt Madrid and we will have the chance to hear how King develops its games and how a group of students from U-Tad university have managed to get their game nominated to the Play Station Awards. We will water down our thoughts and reflections with plenty of beer thanks to's sponsorship.

ACCU 2016 call for papers: closes 13th Nov

A reminder that the ACCU 2016 conference call for papers closes on Fri 13th Nov. The conference dates are 19th- 23rd April 2016 and the venue will again be Bristol, England.

ACCU 2016 call for papers

About the conference:

ACCU has a strong C++ track, though it is not a C++-only conference. If you have something to share, check out the call for papers on the ACCU website:

C++ User Group Meetings in November

The montly overview on upcoming C++ User Group Meetings:

23 C++ User Group meetings in November

by Jens Weller

The list:

    4.11 C++ UG Saint Louis - Unit Test++, Scott Meyers "gotchas", group exercise
    4.11 C++ UG Washington, DC - Q & A / Info Sharing
    4.11 C++ UG Austin - OpenMP
    9.11 C++ UG Edinburgh - C++ Edinburgh
    9.11 C++ UG Zentralschweiz - Coding Dojo
    11.11 C++ UG Utah - Regular Monthly Meeting
    11.11 C++ UG San Francisco/ Bay area - Presentation and Q&A
    12.11 C++ UG NRW/Aachen - Variadic Templates und TMP ohne Rekursion
    12.11 C++ UG Dresden - User perspektive on Catch
    16.11 C++ UG Austin - North Austin Monthly C/C++ Pub Social
    17.11 C++ UG Berlin - November Meetup
    17.11 C++ UG Hamburg - OpenCL
    18.11 C++ UG San Francisco/ Bay area - Workshop and Discussion Group
    18.11 C++ UG Warsaw - LLVM a jakość i bezpieczeństwo oprogramowania
    18.11 C++ UG Washington, DC - Q & A / Info Sharing
    18.11 C++ UG Bristol - Thomas Guest
    18.11 C++ UG Düsseldorf - Lightning Talks
    18.11 C++ UG North West/Seattle - CppCon Keynote - Bjarne Stroustrup
    18.11 C++ UG Sacramento - Sacramento Area C++, First Meetup
    25.11 C++ UG San Francisco/ Bay area - Workshop and Discussion Group
    26.11 C++ UG Rhein-Neckar - C++11/C++14 loops of fun
    26.11 C++ UG Bremen - C++ User Group
    26.11 C++ UG Munich - Lightning Talks

C++ day in Spain: using std::cpp 2015

The Spanish-language C++ event using std::cpp 2015 will gather C++ Spanish comunity in a full one day free event.

using std::cpp 2015

November 18, 2015

University Carlos III of Madrid in Leganés

For the 3rd year, University Carlos III of Madrid, hosts using std::cpp, an event for C++ software developers held in Spain. Past editions of using std::cpp have had participations around 200 people each year where 75% were professional software developers and the other 25% where academics and students. The event offers a godd opportunity for the Spanish C++ comunity to gather together and exchange experiences about the language as well as to provide udpdated information about the language.

Some program highlights:

  • Concepts Lite (Manu Sánchez, By Tech)
  • Contract based programming in C++ (J. Daniel García, University Carlos III)

You may access to videos and slides from previous years:

For more information you may contact J. Daniel Garcia.

Call for Class Proposals

A call for next CppCon:

Call for Class Proposals

From the article:

The conference is asking for instructors to submit proposals for classes to be taught in conjunction with next September’s CppCon 2016.

If you are interested in teaching such a class, please contact us at and we’ll send you an instructors’ prospectus and address any questions that you might have.

ACCU 2016 Call for Papers

ACCU 2016 is now putting together its program, and they want you to speak on C++. ACCU has long had a strong C++ track, though it is not a C++-only conference. If you have something to share, check out the call for papers.

Call for Papers

ACCU 2016

From the article:

We invite you to propose a session for this leading software development conference.

The Call for Papers lasts 5 weeks and will close at midnight Friday 2015-11-13. Be finished by Friday the 13th...




C++ User Group Meetings in October

The monthly overview on upcoming user group meetings:

C++ User Group Meetings in October

by Jens Weller

From the article:

    5.10 C++ UG Dublin - C/C++ Meeting with 3 Talks
    7.10 C++ UG Saint Louis - Intro to Unity\, Scott Meyers "gotchas"\, Group exercise
    7.10 C++ UG Washington, DC - Q & A / Info Sharing
    13.10 C++ UG New York - Joint October C++ Meetup with Empire Hacking
    14.10 C++ UG Utah - Regular Monthly Meeting
    14.10 C++ UG San Francisco/ Bay area - Presentation and Q&A
    19.10 C++ UG Austin - North Austin Monthly C/C++ Pub Social
    20.10 C++ UG Berlin - Thomas Schaub - Introduction to SIMD
    20.10 C++ UG Hamburg - JavaX (really?)
    21.10 C++ UG Washington, DC - Q & A / Info Sharing
    21.10 C++ UG Bristol - Edward Nutting
    21.10 C++ UG Düsseldorf - CppCon trip report & Multimethods
    21.10 C++ UG Arhus - Lego & C++
    24.10 C++ UG Italy - Clang, Xamarin, MS Bridge, Google V8
    28.10 C++ UG San Francisco/ Bay area - Workshop and Discussion Group
    29.10 C++ UG Bremen - C++ User Group

Video available: Herb Sutter, “Writing Good C++14 by Default”—CppCon 2015 day 2 plenary session

sutter-cppcon15-v.PNGCppCon is in full swing, and once again all the sessions, panels, and lightning talks are being professionally recorded and will be available online worldwide for free. Like last year, expect them about a month after the conference ends.

This year the team is trying to get a few of the big talks up early while still busily recording the 100+ others still in progress. Yesterday, they posted Bjarne Stroustrup's opening keynote video less than 48 hours after the live talk, and we're pleased to see that as of this writing over 10,000 of you have already enjoyed it online in its first day!

Today, the team posted the video for Herb Sutter's Day 2 plenary talk, which he described as "part 2 of Bjarne's keynote" with a focus on type and memory safety with live demos. If you couldn't be at CppCon on Tuesday in person, we hope you enjoy it:

Writing Good C++14... by Default (YouTube) (slides)

by Herb Sutter, CppCon 2015 day 2 plenary session

This talk continues from Bjarne Stroustrup’s Monday keynote to describe how the open C++ core guidelines project is the cornerstone of a broader effort to promote modern C++. Using the same cross-platform effort Stroustrup described, this talk shows how to enable programmers write production-quality C++ code that is, among other benefits, type-safe and memory-safe by default -- free of most classes of type errors, bounds errors, and leak/dangling errors -- and still exemplary, efficient, and fully modern C++.


We hope posting these few highlights while CppCon is still in progress can help to let everyone in the worldwide C++ community share in the news and feel a part of the gathering here in the Seattle neighborhood this week. Even if you couldn't be here in person this year to enjoy the full around-the-clock technical program and festival atmosphere, we hope you enjoy this nugget in the video presentation.