Integrating PVS-Studio into uVision Keil

I've been using this scenario until one day I spent 3 days debugging a very unpleasant bug. The bug kept savagely appearing from time to time. It turned out to be a banal null pointer dereference. I quickly realized that PVS-Studio detects this bug. That was the final nail in the coffin of my patience! – and started integrating PVS-Studio into Keil.

Integrating PVS-Studio into uVision Keil

by Amomum

From the article:

Keil provides a weird feature – creating a project batch file. I still don't know the purpose of this feature. This batch file contains all the necessary information for PVS-Studio, and it's enabled with a single check mark! Unfortunately, this check mark also breaks the incremental build. That is, any compilation becomes a complete recompilation. It affects the build time, so, unfortunately, it's not an option for us.

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