A “sorted view”—Nick Athanasiou

Sorting can be done many ways.

A “sorted view”

by Nick Athanasiou

From the article:

This installment elaborates on the creation of a “sorted_view” utility. The “References” section contains links to the complete code; throughout the article, we provide demos and snippets to showcase and explain the implementations. The section on modernizing the code contains real world applications of the following C++17 features:

  1. structured bindings
  2. template argument deduction for class templates

My take on variant—Jonathan Müller

An interesting point of view and implementation of a variant in one article!

My take on variant

by Jonathan Müller

From the article:

C++17 is going to add std::variant. To quote the linked documentation, it is a “type-safe union”. A union is like a struct, but can only store one member at a time. This has many applications, but sadly it doesn’t mix well with non-trivial types, you have to call the destructor yourself etc. Furthermore, nothing prevents you from accessing a union member that isn’t active.

std::variant fixes that. It correctly calls the destructor when switching the active member, it prevents invalid access, etc. However, I’m not quite happy with it and I needed an implementation now. So I’ve decided to implement my own variant as part of my type_safe library.

It was a fun challenge and since my previous attempt was two years ago, I could improve it a lot. Let’s go through some of my design decisions.

Folding Functions—Sumant Tambe

Let's use those fold operators!

Folding Functions

by Sumant Tambe

From the article:

In the last post we looked at basic usage of C++17 Fold Expressions. I found that many posts on this topic discuss simple types and ignore how folds may be applicable to more complex types as well. In this post I'm going to describe folding over functions...

More Meeting C++ 2016 videos are online!

A week full of video editing brings the first batch of Meeting C++ 2016 videos online:

More videos are online!

by Jens Weller

Meeting C++ 2016 Playlist

From the article:

With today, almost all videos from the A and all videos of the D Track are online. There is a recording issue with one talk in the A track, which might get resolved in 2017. Also since today, the Meeting C++ YouTube channel has more then 400k views!

The full video set you can find in the Meeting C++ 2016 Playlist, the newest videos are easily found by visiting the Meeting C++ YouTube channel or subscribing to this RSS feed.

Simplifying templates and #ifdefs with if constexpr—Simon Brand

The new if constexpr will change a good part of our code for the better!

Simplifying templates and #ifdefs with if constexpr

by Simon Brand

From the article:

if constexpr is a C++17 feature which allows conditionally compiling code based on template parameters in a clear and minimal fashion. It is essentially an if statement where the branch is chosen at compile-time, and any not-taken branches are discarded without being instantiated...

C++ 17 Transformation…—phantom

The transformation is only a beginning towards catching up from C++98, but it does show why modern C++ features improve your code.

C++ 17 Transformation...

by phantom

From the article:

I'm basically really bad at working on my own projects, but with the recent release of Visual Studio 2017 RC and its improved C++17 support I figured it was time to crack on again...

To that end I've spent a bit of time today updating my own basic windowing library to use C++17 features. Some of the things have been simple transforms such as converting 'typedef' to 'using', others have been more OCD satisfying...