PVS-Studio Integration in PlatformIO

Recently, the PlatformIO development environment of embedded systems has supported PVS-Studio. In this article, you'll find out how to check your code with the static analyzer on the example of open project.

PVS-Studio Integration in PlatformIO

by Alexey Govorov

From the article:

In the /arduino/AP_Utils/examples/ directory, there are several examples of programs for configuring and running the hexapod, we'll use servo_test.ino. Basically, the program for Arduino is created as sketches in the INO format, which in this case is not quite suitable. In order to make the correct .cpp file from it, it is usually enough to change the file extension, add the #include <Arduino.h> header at the beginning, and make sure that functions and global variables are declared before accessing them.

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