The voting on the talks for Meeting C++ 2020 begins!

The yearly voting for the program of the yearly Meeting C++ Conference has started!

The voting on the talks for Meeting C++ 2020 begins!

by Jens Weller

From the article:

With today, you can start to vote on all submitted talks for Meeting C++ 2020! As 2020 is a bit special, it is less talks, but also this years conference will only feature one track, the voting will give me guiding in which talks to choose from speakers with multiple talks, but also will help to see which other speakers might should make it to the conference. Unlike prior years the main track can't be the mostly consisting out of the most popular talks of the voting.

C++20 Features and Fixes in VS 2019 16.1 through 16.6--Stephan T. Lavavej

Did you get up to date?

C++20 Features and Fixes in VS 2019 16.1 through 16.6

by Stephan T. Lavavej

From the article:

We’ve been busy implementing C++20 features in MSVC’s compiler and Standard Library, and migrating the latter to microsoft/STL on GitHub – in fact, we’ve been so busy that we haven’t posted a C++ toolset changelog since the VS 2019 16.0 toolset changelog. So, here are the compiler features and STL features/fixes that have shipped for production use in the last year.

As a reminder, the /std:c++17 and /std:c++latest compiler options are necessary to use C++17 and C++20 features...

The C++ Lambda Story Book--Bartlomiej Filipek

Getting up to date.

The C++ Lambda Story Book

by Bartlomiej Filipek

From the article:

Lambda Expressions appeared in C++11, and since then they become one of the most distinguishing features of Modern C++. What’s more, with each revision of the Standard the ISO Committee improved the syntax and capabilities of lambdas, so they are even more comfortable to use.

Read on to see how you can learn all the details of this powerful modern C++ feature.

How to ask for C++ coding help--Kate Gregory

The good practices exist also to ask for help.

How to ask for C++ coding help

by Kate Gregory

From the article:

Lately a lot of people have been asking me for help as they write C++ code. I’m usually happy and able to help. There are times, though, when I either cannot help, or choose not to help. I thought it might be helpful to explain some of these a little. It’s quite likely that other members of the community have a similar set of guidelines in their heads for when they do and don’t help people with code...

Meeting C++ Blogroll now available as a weekly newsletter

Since more then 5 years the Meeting C++ Blogroll exists on, now its also available as a weekly newsletter!

Meeting C++ Blogroll now available as a weekly newsletter

by Jens Weller

From the article

You can now subscribe to the blogroll as a weekly newsletter, and receive every friday what has been posted on blogs and videos about C++ directly from Meeting C++ by email! If you already have an Meeting C++ Account, you can subscribe via the profile edit page.

Virtual Italian C++ Conference 2020

An online-only full day of C++:

Virtual Italian C++ Conference 2020

June 13, 2020


In a nutshell

The Italian C++ Conference 2020 has been turned into an online-only event, due to the COVID-19 global emergency.

The event consists in live sessions, a few pre-recorded sessions, and virtual rooms for networking.


What can I find in the Virtual Italian C++ Conference 2020?

You will find:

  • live keynote by Nicolai JosuttisC++ Move Semantics – The surprising things you should better know
  • 7x50-min live sessions
  • 2x50-min and 1x30-min pre-recorded sessions
  • text/video/voice moderated and sized virtual rooms for networking

You can refer to the event page for more information.


How can I attend the virtual event?

The event will go live on June 13 from 9 AM CEST.

All the sessions (live and pre-recorded) will be hosted on our YouTube channel. However, only registered people can see session links in advance.

Virtual rooms will be hosted on our Discord server. For invitation link and further details, you must register for the event.

Who supports this event?

The event is totally organized by the Italian C++ Community and it is sponsored by Think-cell and AIV.


Do I need to register?

The Virtual Italian C++ Conference 2020 is free (as all the previous editions) but you must register to be invited to virtual rooms  and to receive session links in advance.

Direct link to (free) tickets here.



See you at the event, safely from home!

Announcing Meeting C++ Trainings!

Meeting C++ Trainings - a site for online trainings launched on Monday:

Announcing the start of Meeting C++ Trainings

by Jens Weller

From the article:

Meeting C++ organizes now its own online trainings, learn C++ from the leading experts!

You can choose trainings from several trainers and participate in the training you need online. Both half day and full day trainings are available. Right now the listed trainings start by mid June and go into July, but soon also Trainings in August and September will be available. My goal is to offer 1-2 Trainings per trainer in one quarter...