A major update to Meeting C++ recruiting

The job section of Meeting C++ received an important update: you can now share your resume with selected companies via a webform. Also you can share your open positions on the Meeting C++ job board or apply to become listed in the job section as a C++ employer.

A major update for Meeting C++ Recruiting

by Jens Weller

From the article:

Today I can announce a new offering in the recruiting area of Meeting C++: the CV upload form.

The mission of Meeting C++ is to support the C++ community and to build and maintain a worldwide network for C++. And with Meeting C++ recruiting, the goal is to integrate companies into this network, to make them visible as employers, and help people find the right jobs. With this service, I want to bring together companies, who have open positions for C++ Developers and those developers who are looking for a new challenging position!

Top11 Talks and other voting results for Meeting C++ 2018

The voting for the talks at Meeting C++ 2018 ended, and the results are in!

Voting results for Meeting C++ 2018

by Jens Weller

From the article:

On Sunday the voting ended for this years conference. And the results are interesting, each talk received between 87 and 104 votes from 147 active voting sessions. In total its 10685 votes casted. So lots of folks did have a look at each talk, the average of the collected votings is then what determines the top talks at the conference...

Registration for Student- and Supporttickets for Meeting C++ 2018 is available

Meeting C++ has opened their programs for attending the conference over the student- and support ticket programs.

Announcing the student and support tickets for Meeting C++ 2018

by Jens Weller

From the article:

The programs for attending Meeting C++ with through a free ticket are back! You can now register for a Student and/or Support ticket.

Also, additionally the application form for the volunteer program is open...