Meeting C++ 2021: looking for sponsors

Meeting C++ has opened this years call for sponsors

Meeting C++ 2021: looking for sponsors

by Jens Weller

From the article:

With the online platform being selected, its finally time to open the call for sponsors for Meeting C++ 2021!

Sponsoring is an easy way to support the work of Meeting C++, as my work is mostly funded through the ticketsales and sponsorships of the yearly Meeting C++ conference. So maybe your employer is interested in sponsoring Meeting C++ 2021?

Upcoming C++ User Group meetings in September

A listing of the upcoming C++ User Group Meetings in September

C++ User Group Meetings in September 2021

by Jens Weller

From the article:

The monthly overview about upcoming C++ User Group Meetings in September. As the pandemic ends or continues, depending in which part of the world you live, I list again all meetings online and real world.

Meeting C++ online hosts two events in September:

    16.9 C++ UG Meeting C++ online - September - Windows, macOS and the Web: Lessons from cross-platform
    28.9 C++ UG Meeting C++ online - Online C++ job fair (afternoon CEST)
    29.9 C++ UG Meeting C++ online - Online C++ job fair (evening CEST)

Meeting C++ is still looking for employers to participate in the online job fair, register your spot with in the next days to be best visible for this event.

The Meeting C++ online job fair returns in September!

The next edition of the C++ online job fair organized by Meeting C++ will be on 21s/&22nd September!

The Meeting C++ online job fair returns!

by Jens Weller

From the article:

The first two online events in remo have been a great success. They've been very well received by the C++ community and this event will now be a part of regularly scheduled events for Meeting C++ online. As remo is not available anymore, the event will be hosted in the new online event platform for Meeting C++ 2021. The event will be again on two days: 21st/22nd September, with the first day being in the afternoon and the second day in the evening...

Voting results and the Top 10 talks for Meeting C++ 2021

The results from the voting for this years Meeting C++ conference are in, and published together with the Top10 of talks!

Voting results and the top 10 Talks for Meeting C++ 2021

by Jens Weller

From the article

The Meeting C++ hive mind has spoken, and given the feedback of the C++ community to the submissions of Meeting C++ 2021.

Like in the previous years, one could vote from 0-5 for each talk and leave a comment if you'd like on each talk. The talks are randomized in Order, and not every voting session has finished the full stack of talks to vote on. The result below is then achieved by weighing the votes from 0-5 as {-3,-2,-1,1,3,4}, this gives the talks that folks want to see a bit of an edge, while the negative numbers help to keep the range of the end result a bit closer. Having bought a ticket before the voting starts does give you a higher voting weight, as you'll be attending the conference.


Join the review and voting session for Meeting C++ 2021

Until next week Tuesday you can start your voting session and give feedback on the talks for Meeting C++ 2021.

Starting the review and feedback session for Meeting C++ 2021

by Jens Weller

From the article:

Like every year, Meeting C++ gives the C++ community the chance to review the talks and give feedback on them for a short period. You'll be able to leave a comment on each talk and vote between 0 - 5, where 5 is best.

Two new ticket types for Meeting C++

Some news from Meeting C++: there is now one ticket for virtual events of Meeting C++ and for Meeting C++ online a limited amount of sponsored tickets is available

Two new ticket types for Meeting C++

by Jens Weller

From the article:

Today I can announce two important updates for Meeting C++ online and Meeting C++ 2020!

One online ticket for Meeting C++ 2020 and Meeting C++ online

While you can buy separate tickets for Meeting C++ online and 2020, now there is an online ticket for all virtual Meeting C++ events in 2020 available! You can get it in the ticketshop of Meeting C++ 2020 only, as this is the easiest process to offer it. The ticket enables you to attend these online conferences...

C++ Day 2019 (mostly in Italian)

A full day of C++, mostly in the Italian language:

C++ Day 2019

November 30, 2019



In a nutshell

The C++ Day 2019 is a full-day event entirely dedicated to the C++ language, hosted in Parma (Italy), the 2020 Italian capital of culture.

The event consists in some technical sessions and networking.


Who should attend the C++ Day 2019?

This event is made by C++ professionals for C++ professionals, students and enthusiasts. Whoever is interested in the C++ language and is keen on meeting the Italian C++ ecosystem is welcome!


What can I find in the C++ Day 2019?

The agenda consists of 9x50-min and 2x30-min tech talks, 1x45-min "Ask Us Everthing" Q&A Panel, and more than 140 min allocated for networking.

This year, most of the sessions are in the Italian language.

You can refer to the detailed program for more information.


When and Where will the C++ Day 2019 take place?

The event will be held on November 30 at the University of Parma.

Check-in opens at 8.30 AM, the main event begins at 9.30 AM and will last for a full day.

Who supports this event?

The event is co-organized with Elettric80.

Beckhoff and Leica Geosystems support the event.


Do I need to register?

The C++ Day 2019 is free, but you must register to facilitate the organization of the event.

Please consider the "Supporter Ticket" to contribute to the main expenses.

Registration page here.