New C++ features in GCC 12--Marek Polacek

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New C++ features in GCC 12

by Marek Polacek

From the article:

Version 12.1 of the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) is expected to be released in April 2022. Like every major GCC release, this version will bring many additions, improvements, bug fixes, and new features. GCC 12 is already the system compiler in Fedora 36. GCC 12 will also be available on Red Hat Enterprise Linux in the Red Hat Developer Toolset (version 7) or the Red Hat GCC Toolset (version 8 and 9).

Like the article I wrote about GCC 10, this article describes only new features affecting C++.

We implemented several C++23 proposals in GCC 12. The default dialect in GCC 12 is -std=gnu++17; to enable C++23 features, use the -std=c++23 or -std=gnu++23 command-line options. (The latter option allows GNU extensions.)

Note that C++20 and C++23 features are still experimental in GCC 12...

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