C++20: The Library--Rainer Grimm

The list continues.

C++20: The Library

by Rainer Grimm

From the article:

My last post "C++20: The Core Language" presented the new features of the C++20 core language. Today, I continue my journey with an overview of the C++20 library...

WG21 in my own backyard: Belfast trip report--Guy Davidson

Getting closer to 20!

WG21 in my own backyard: Belfast trip report

by Guy Davidson

From the article:

November turned into a heavy travel month when I agreed to speak at both C++ Russia in St Petersburg and Meeting C++ in Berlin, either side of the Autumn WG21 committee in Belfast. I took what some considered to be “quite a risk” with St Petersburg: the date straddled the Brexit date, and I would be accompanied by my wife whom the organisers graciously agreed to pay to accompany me. She travels with an Irish passport, so the idea of both of us safely returning to the country immediately after a change to border law seemed potentially hazardous...

Support for C++20’s Concepts in CLion--Anastasia Kazakova

Are you using it?

Support for C++20’s Concepts in CLion

by Anastasia Kazakova

From the article:

Concepts are one of the biggest features coming in C++20, and knowing that, we’ve been thinking about supporting Concepts in CLion for quite a while. Enter Saar Raz with his C++20’s Concepts implementation in Clang! Long story short, we have been collaborating with Saar to merge his branch into our custom Clangd-based language engine in CLion, and started implementing some nice IDE features on top. Sounds ambitious enough, but we have thoroughly enjoyed the experience so far! A very early result of this collaboration was used by Saar in his CppCon 2019 talk on Concepts...

C++20 span tutorial--Paul Silisteanu

All you need to know.

C++20 span tutorial

by Paul Silisteanu

From the article:

According to the latest C++20 draft, a span is a non-owning view over a contiguous sequence of objects. In other words, a std::span is, in essence, a pointer, length pair that gives the user a view into a contiguous sequence of elements. The elements of a span can be, for example, stored in one of the standard library sequential containers (like std::array, std::vector), in a built-in C-style array or in a memory buffer...

C++ 20: The Core Language--Rainer Grimm

Many changes for the better.

C++ 20: The Core Language

by Rainer Grimm

From the article:

My last post C++20: The Big Four started with an overview of concepts, ranges, coroutines, and modules. Of course, C++20 has more to offer. Today, let's continue my overview of the core language...