C++ Trainings aligned with Meeting C++ 2021

These trainings will go along with a talk at Meeting C++ 2021:

C++ Trainings at Meeting C++ 2021

by Jens Weller

From the article:

Today I can give you a first overview on the planned trainings that accompany Meeting C++ 2021. All trainings are held online, the date is chosen by the trainers.

This years Meeting C++ conference focuses on learning and giving you the best experience online. Meeting C++ has chosen some of the best trainers to give you an opportunity to learn even more about C++ in 2021. Rainer Grimm, Patricia Aas and Slobodan Dmitrovic are the trainers for the first 3 fantastic courses.

CppCon announces Academy classes (on-site and on-line training) -- Jon Kalb

cppcon-2021-academy.pngCppCon registration is open, and the Early Bird discount is available until July 31.

This just announced:

Announcing CppCon Academy 2021 Classes

by Jon Kalb

From the article:

Registration is open for almost twenty CppCon Academy classes that will be held in the days before or after CppCon 2021 in October.

Four classes are open to online attendees and the rest will be offered to onsite attendees at the Gaylord Rockies in Aurora.

This year we are offering classes that range from those that are focused on updating you to the latest versions of C++, to those focusing on better code, testing, or design skills. This year we are offering a class on computing in mixed CPU/GPU/FPGA environments and two on embedded programming. ...

C++ on Sea 2021 - Dates, Call for Speakers and Keynote announced

C++ on Sea has announced 2021 dates - 30th June - 2nd July.

Announcing C++ on Sea 2021

by C++ on Sea

About the event

The event will be held online, again, but with more of a focus on workshop based training, which is now part of the standard ticket price.

The Call for Speakers is also open

The Call for Speakers runs until 18th April.

And the closing keynote announced

The closing (and only) keynote will be given by Ansel Sermersheim and Barbara Geller

Advanced Modern C++ -- Mateusz Pusz

We are happy to announce the next edition of a really well-rated Advanced Modern C++ training by Mateusz Pusz. If you would like to better understand the C++ language rules, improve your design and implementation skills, practice C++ templates, and get more experience with the Modern C++ please do not hesitate to register for an online training on March 22, 2021.

Advanced Modern C++

by Mateusz Pusz

From the article:

Training Highlights

  • Emphasis on understanding the philosophy and mechanisms of the C++ programming language and learning how to reuse this knowledge in own code
  • Particular focus on the usage of the C++ templates in practical tasks
  • Development of error-unfriendly code
  • Selection of useful patterns and techniques that prove in a demanding production code

Training Agenda

  • C++ Basics for Experts
  • Coding with performance in mind
  • Utilities that every C++ developer should know and use
  • Templates demystified

More detailed agenda can be found on the Train IT website.

Date: March 22 - 25, 2021

Location: Online training

Instructor: Mateusz Pusz

Target Audience: Developers, Architects

Level: Intermediate, Advanced

ACCU 2021 Schedule Published -- ACCU

The schedule for the ACCU 2021 conference has been published. The complete conference will be held online because of the pandemic.

ACCU 2021 Schedule


About the schedule

Again there are three strong C++ tracks!

The keynote speakers are Emilie Bache, Kevlin Henney, Patricia Aas and Sean Parent

Beside the four days (2021-03-10 - 2021-03-13) with great talks, there are two days with these C++ related fullday workshops on the days before and after the conference.

  • Better Code by Sean Parent
  • Good Modern C++ Design and Practices by Peter Sommerlad
  • Modern C++ Template Programming by Nico Josuttis
  • Modern C++ Idioms by Mateusz Pusz
  • Building and Packing Modern C++ by Adrian Ostrowski and Piotr Gaczkowski
  • C++ Concepts: Constraining C++ Templates in C++20 and before by Mateusz Pusz

So don't hesitate to register here. The early bird discount is available until 2021-02-16.

The schedule is subject to change without notice until 2021-03-14




Modern C++ Software Design (Online Training) -- Klaus Iglberger

The second online training on "Modern C++ Software Design" has been announced:

Modern C++ Software Design (Online Training)

by Klaus Iglberger

From the article:

Content of the training

This advanced C++ training is a course on good software design with the C++ programming language. The focus of the training is on the essential and C++-specific software development principles, concepts, idioms, and best practices, which enable programmers to create professional, high-quality code. The course aims at understanding the core of the C++ programming language, teaches guidelines to develop mature, robust, maintainable, and efficient C++ software with a minimum of dependencies, and helps to avoid the most common pitfalls.

Date: September 23rd - 25th, 2020

Location: Online training

Instructor: Klaus Iglberger

Level: Intermediate, Advanced

Modern C++ Design Patterns (CppCon Online Training) -- Klaus Iglberger

After the first edition at CppCon 2019, the second edition of the popular workshop has been announced:

Modern C++ Software Patterns (Online Workshop)

by Klaus Iglberger

From the article:

Content of the training

Design patterns have proven to be useful over several decades and knowledge about them is still very useful to design robust, decoupled systems. Modern C++, however, has profoundly changed the way we use C++, think about design and implement solutions. This training explores modern C++ design and the modern forms of the classic design patterns. It provides guidelines, idioms and best practices for sustainable and maintainable design, which enable programmers to create professional, high-quality code. Amongst others it will answer the following questions:

  • How does good C++ design with a minimum of dependencies look like?
  • What are the most important rules for robust, maintainable, and sustainable design?
  • What are the most common pitfalls in C++ software design?
  • Why does classical C++ design based on inheritance hierarchies fail so often?
  • How are the classic design patterns realised in modern C++?
  • What are alternatives to the classic design patterns?

Date: September 9th - 11th, 2020

Location: Online training

Instructor: Klaus Iglberger

Level: Intermediate, Advanced

C++ on Sea : Full schedule, Nico Josuttis Keynote and Remo as a platform

With less than two weeks to go before the conference (in fact only one week before the first workshop), we have some big announcements!


Full schedule, Nico Josuttis Keynote and Remo as a platform

by C++ on Sea

From the article:

After evaluating many options, including building our own solution (from component parts), we have settled on a fairly new system called Remo. What we love about Remo is that it's the closest thing we've found to recreating the experience of being at a physical event


Announcing Meeting C++ Trainings!

Meeting C++ Trainings - a site for online trainings launched on Monday:

Announcing the start of Meeting C++ Trainings

by Jens Weller

From the article:

Meeting C++ organizes now its own online trainings, learn C++ from the leading experts!

You can choose trainings from several trainers and participate in the training you need online. Both half day and full day trainings are available. Right now the listed trainings start by mid June and go into July, but soon also Trainings in August and September will be available. My goal is to offer 1-2 Trainings per trainer in one quarter...