C++ quiz by PVS-Studio and Sergei Kushnirenko

The PVS-Studio team along with Sergei Kushnirenko prepared a quiz based on his publications about errors he found. Take the quiz, challenge your focus and coding skills while looking for errors in the C++ code. Attention! When taking the quiz, you may exclaim that some tasks are unfair. Indeed. However, please relax and approach them with humor. The quiz is just for fun.

C++ quiz by PVS-Studio and Sergei Kushnirenko

by Sergei Kushnirenko

About the quiz:

After taking the quiz, you may have questions about why this or that answer is marked as correct or incorrect. Welcome to the article: "Breaking down the C++ quiz by Sergei Kushnirenko" — here you will find answers to your questions.  Please read it only after you have puzzled over code snippets with errors and undefined behavior. Be sure — it will be more interesting.

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