C++ quiz by PVS-Studio and Sergei Kushnirenko

The PVS-Studio team along with Sergei Kushnirenko prepared a quiz based on his publications about errors he found. Take the quiz, challenge your focus and coding skills while looking for errors in the C++ code. Attention! When taking the quiz, you may exclaim that some tasks are unfair. Indeed. However, please relax and approach them with humor. The quiz is just for fun.

C++ quiz by PVS-Studio and Sergei Kushnirenko

by Sergei Kushnirenko

About the quiz:

After taking the quiz, you may have questions about why this or that answer is marked as correct or incorrect. Welcome to the article: "Breaking down the C++ quiz by Sergei Kushnirenko" — here you will find answers to your questions.  Please read it only after you have puzzled over code snippets with errors and undefined behavior. Be sure — it will be more interesting.

PVS-Studio challenge: can you spot an error in C++ code?

PVS-Studio team made an entertaining quiz for you. Try to quickly find a bug in a code fragment. If you spot an error - click on it.

Challenge: can you spot an error in C++ code?

by Andrey Karpov

From the article:

You'll see ten code fragments. If you manage to find an error in under 1 minute, you score one point. The 1-minute limit is made on purpose. Otherwise you'll definitely find all errors — code fragments are short. Anyway, treat this quiz as a game, and not as a real test of your programming skills smile

Let's play a game: Spot the bug in popular open-source projects -- Andrey Karpov

[We don't often link to quiz-like sites, particularly product-specific ones, but in this case we felt that this could be of broad interest to some of our readers. -- Ed.]


The authors of the PVS-Studio analyzer invite you to test your attentiveness:

Let's play a game -- spot the bug in popular open-source projects

by Andrey Karpov

From the article:

Code analyzers never get tired and can find errors a human's eye cannot easily notice. We have picked a few code fragments with errors revealed by PVS-Studio, all the fragments taken from well-known open-source projects.

We invite you to take part in a competition against code analyzers to test your agility by trying to find the errors by yourself. You will be offered 15 randomly selected tasks. Every correct answer earns you one score if you give it within 60 seconds. The code fragments are short and 60 seconds is a fair limit.

Let's examine a couple of examples with errors for you to understand how to give the answer...

Note: This test does not currently support mobile devices. We are working on new version of tests with better mobile devices support, new problems to solve etc. However, it is not implemented yet. We offer you to subscribe on twitter to read about our new and interesting news and to read about new things in a C++ world.