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LLVM 5.0 Released

The 5th major version of the LLVM compiler infrastructure was released.

LLVM 5.0 Released

by the LLVM Team

About the release:

The Clang releated changes are documented on an extra page.

C++ coroutines are the major new feature. Beside that, C++17 feature implementation has been completed.



Visual Studio extensions for C++ developers in Visual Studio 2017—Adam Welch

Several Visual Studio extensions that can make your life better as a C++ developer:

Visual Studio extensions for C++ developers in Visual Studio 2017

by Adam Welch

From the article:

In this blogpost we want to highlight several Visual Studio extensions that can make your life better as a C++ developer if you’re using Visual Studio 2017 or considering upgrading...

Useful Improvements in the PVS-Studio 6.17 Release

In this version there are improvements, which, in my opinion, deserve a small note.

Useful Improvements in the PVS-Studio 6.17 Release

by Andrey Karpov

From the article:

A much more interesting feature is that a mechanism of virtual values was significantly redesigned in the kernel of C++ analyzer. For example, now the analyzer performs a double loop passage, which allows it to define the range of possible values of variables, changing in a loop, more accurately. So don't be surprised if the analyzer starts issuing many warnings for that code which used to seem correct for the analyzer.

Visual C++ for Linux Development with CMake—Marc Goodner

How to use Visual:

Visual C++ for Linux Development with CMake

by Marc Goodner

From the article:

In Visual Studio 2017 15.4 you can now target Linux from your CMake projects. This enables you to work on your existing code base that uses CMake as your build solution without having to convert it to a VS project. If your code base is cross-platform you can target both Windows and Linux from within Visual Studio.

This post will give an overview of the CMake support for Linux in Visual Studio. You can go here to learn more about CMake in Visual Studio generally.

C++17 Features And STL Fixes In VS 2017 15.3—Stephan T. Lavavej

It's always getting better!

C++17 Features And STL Fixes In VS 2017 15.3

by Stephan T. Lavavej

From the article:

Visual Studio 2017’s first toolset update, version 15.3, is currently in preview and will be released in its final form very soon. (The toolset consists of the compiler, linker, and libraries. After VS 2017 RTM, the 15.1 and 15.2 updates improved the IDE. The 15.3 update improves both the IDE and the toolset. In general, you should expect the IDE to be updated at a higher frequency than the toolset.)

CLion 2017.2 released with Clang-Tidy and more—JetBrains

Welcome new release of JetBrain's cross-platform C/C++ IDE!

CLion 2017.2 released

by Anastasia Kazakova

From the article:

CLion 2017.2 is all about C++ parser correctness, new code analysis features and performance improvements. Clang-Tidy integration, C++ cast operators and other code analysis enhancements help to ensure the code quality, while the rest bring general improvements to the user experience.

The highlighted new features are:

  • Clang-Tidy checks and complementary quick-fixes come to CLion. This includes checks from C++ Core Guidelines, modernize checks and many others.
  • C++ support enhancements:
    • C++17 is now available in the New Project wizard
    • Precompiled headers are now supported when using Microsoft Visual C++ compiler (in addition to GCC and Clang)
    • Code intentions and quick-fixes use C++ cast operators for C++ code instead of C-style cast
    • Dozens of improvements in C++ parser and built-in code analysis engine
  • A new Force Step Into action for getting into disassembly code only when you really want to.
  • Cancelable CMake reload and Go to navigation actions to ensure better IDE performance.
  • Bundled CMake 3.8.