Discriminated Unions with boost::python and boost::variant - The Blind Guru

A useful application of boost::variant with boost::python by Mario Lang.

boost::python and boost::variant

by Mario Lang

From the post:

However, there is one aspect of C++ data types that I couldn't figure out how to interface with Python, which are C++ discriminated unions, or more specifically, heterogeneous containers. While Python has no problems with containers containing objects of different types, C++ does not make this very easy by default.

C++ Has Become More Pythonic -- Jeff Preshing

A nice article pointing out similarities between modern C++ and Python:

C++ Has Become More Pythonic

by Jeff Preshing

From the article:

C++ has changed a lot in recent years. The last two revisions, C++11 and C++14, introduce so many new features that, in the words of Bjarne Stroustrup, “It feels like a new language.”

It’s true. Modern C++ lends itself to a whole new style of programming – and you can’t help but feel Python’s influence on this new style. Ranged-based for loops, type deduction, vector and map initializers, lambda expressions. The more you explore modern C++, the more you find Python’s fingerprints all over it.

Was Python a direct influence on modern C++? Or did Python simply adopt a few common idioms before C++ got around to it? You be the judge...