Monads in Chains - Ivan Cukic @meetingcpp 2014

Ivan Cukic gave a very good talk on monads at Meeting C++ 2014:

Monads in Chains

by Ivan Cukic

From the talk description:

Monads are scary, and monads are evil. But they are still useful.

In the recent years, the abuse of multi-threading has become apparent and more and more systems started being developed in the reactive, or event-processing style. It allows lowering the number of threads to match the system cores instead of items that are being processed by using non-blocking asynchronous APIs.

Fun with Lambdas: C++14 Style (Part 1) -- Sumant Tambe

sumant-tambe.PNGA rapid-fire "now write this using lambdas" problem-solution drill with Sumant Tambe:

Fun with Lambdas: C++14 Style (Part 1)

by Sumant Tambe

From the article:

It's common knowledge that Functional Programming is spreading like a wildfire in mainstream languages. Latest promoted languages: Java 8 and C++, both of which now support lambdas. So, let the lambdas begin! and may the fun be ever on your side. The same text is available in slides form on Slideshare. This blog post and the talk/slides are inspired by JSON inventor Douglas Crockford.

C++: The Good Parts -- Jordan DeLong

delong.PNGA fun(ctional) talk from QCon:

C++: The Good Parts (slides)

by Jordan DeLong

The talk abstract:

Although C++ originated with the primary aim of adding Object Oriented features to C, it has evolved from the OO paradigm into a multi-paradigm language with strong support for various functional programming idioms.   C++11 adds several language features, most notably lambda expressions, that are overtly functional. But even prior to C++11, key parts of the standard library sported a design that has fundamentally more in common with functional programming than with OO.   This talk gives an overview of the past, current and near future "good parts" of C++'s functional side, through the colored lens of the speaker's biases.