C++: The Good Parts -- Jordan DeLong

delong.PNGA fun(ctional) talk from QCon:

C++: The Good Parts (slides)

by Jordan DeLong

The talk abstract:

Although C++ originated with the primary aim of adding Object Oriented features to C, it has evolved from the OO paradigm into a multi-paradigm language with strong support for various functional programming idioms.   C++11 adds several language features, most notably lambda expressions, that are overtly functional. But even prior to C++11, key parts of the standard library sported a design that has fundamentally more in common with functional programming than with OO.   This talk gives an overview of the past, current and near future "good parts" of C++'s functional side, through the colored lens of the speaker's biases.


C++ Papers for Issaquah - Concepts, Database and Evolution

This is the second part of my series about the papers for the next C++ committee meeting in Issaquah:

C++ Papers for Issaquah - Concepts, Database & Evolution

by Jens Weller

From the article:

This is the second part about the papers for the C++ committee meeting in February in Issaquah. This time featuring papers from the subgroups of concept, database and evolution. Again, most papers in this series aim for a standard after C++14, most important for C++14 will be the national comments on the new standard. Also there are no new papers from the core working group, only the active issues, defects report and closed issues report are on this mailing.