How to Remove Elements from a Sequence Container in C++—Jonathan Boccara

Using the std to remove.

How to Remove Elements from a Sequence Container in C++

by Jonathan Boccara

From the article:

As part of the STL Learning Resource, we’re tackling today the STL algorithms that remove elements from a collection.

Removing an element from a C++ collection can’t be that complicated, can it?

Well, how can I put it… It has a rich complexity, let’s say.

Ok, maybe it’s a little complicated.

We will cover this topic in a series of four articles:

  • How to Remove Elements from a Sequence Container (vector, string, deque, list)
  • How to Remove Pointers from a Vector in C++ (co-written with Gaurav Sehgal)
  • How to Remove Elements from an Associative Container (maps and sets)
  • How to Remove Duplicates from an Associative Container

C++ Weekly Episode 125: The Optimal Way To Return From A Function—Jason Turner

Episode 125 of C++ Weekly.

The Optimal Way To Return From A Function

by Jason Turner

About the show:

In this episode of C++ Weekly Jason investigates the possible methods that one of two string values might be returned from a function. Which option is best? Which option can the compiler optimize the most? Do we take one return path or multiple return paths? Should a ternary be used?

Start speaking at Meeting C++ 2018

As it was a big success last year, Meeting C++ has again a track for new speakers, and is looking for folks which like to submit their talk ideas to the conference!

The call for Talks for Meeting C++ 2018 ends on June 17th.

Call for a more diverse program at Meeting C++ 2018!

by Jens Weller

From the article:

Last years track for new speakers was a great success, so Meeting C++ will dedicate a track to this now in every year. So I'd like to reach out to the C++ Community, who do you think has something interesting to say about C++ and could start speaking at this years Meeting C++?