Supporting new speakers and great talks

Two weeks ago Meeting C++ organized an event centered on sharing information on how to prepare and give talks. With the goal being to level the playing field for everyone but also make it easier to start speaking. You can watch the lightning talks and the panel online.

Supporting new speakers and great talks

by Jens Weller

From the article:

This event supports the ongoing call for talks of Meeting C++ and other conferences. So for Meeting C++ 2022, submit your talk until Sunday, June 12th! As conferences and life has changed over the last 2 years, Meeting C++ wants to give everyone interested in speaking a hand on how to get started and motivated. Scott Meyers did once share in the second part of his Meeting C++ keynote in 2014 some of his thoughts on "preparing materials for the modern age" and a few years later CppCon has hosted some classes for speakers to improve their talks. But not much has come available for the general public as information on how to create and give technical talks. With this event I aimed at producing a first set of tips and topics for interested speakers to view for inspiration.

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