50 terrible coding tips for a C++ developer

Whichever C++ article you read, it provides serious information, requires thoughtful reading — preferably with a cup of coffee. And what if you want to have fun? That's why I decided to write this humorous article with terrible coding tips. The main thing is not to confuse these tips with helpful ones!

50 terrible coding tips for a C++ developer

by Andrey Karpov

From the article:

I write articles about static analysis methodology and issues of creating high-quality code. But I wanted to fool around a bit. So please, welcome the article with 50 terrible coding tips. However, if you have more ideas how to create sh*tcode — share them in the comments. There's a chance that I'll post a new article and there might be 100 terrible coding tips smile. In case you don't understand why some tip is called terrible, click the {link}. If there is no link, let me know. I'll share a more detailed explanation.

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