Adding a REST API with Corvusoft's restbed -- Richard Thomson

Utah C++ Programmers has released a new video.

Adding a REST API with Corvusoft's restbed

by Richard Thomson

From the video description:

Many times you need to integrate your C++ infrastructure with services written in other languages on other machines from other teams. In the past, this might have been accomplished with custom RPC (remote procedure call) networking services that exposed resource data in your application to authorized clients.

HTTP REST (representational state transfer) APIs have become a common architectural pattern for exposing resource data across the network. With SSL/TLS (secure socket layer/transport layer security) connections and the HTTPS protocol, the client/server exchange can be secured. Authentication can be implemented with a session mechanism or the built-in authentication mechanisms in HTTP itself.

This month, Richard Thomson will give us an introduction to restbed, a C++14 framework for asynchronous RESTful processing. After an overview of the library, we'll look at what it takes to implement an HTTP server that responds to resource requests.

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