June 2021

JetBrains Brings C++Now to You--Anastasia Kazakova

Are you going to check it?

JetBrains Brings C++Now to You

by Anastasia Kazakova

From the article:

C++Now is generally regarded as the year’s most academic event in the C++ community. The conference hosts excellent talks from some of the most prominent experts in the community about cutting-edge C++ language features and advanced C++ skill...

CppCon 2021 opens Call for Submissions: In-person and on-line session submissions welcome

20190915-7G4A7390-300x200.jpgToday, CppCon 2021 opened its Call for Submissions. If you have a talk idea, or know someone who does, we encourage you to make a submission!

CppCon 2021 Call for Submissions

As previously announced, CppCon 2021 will take place both in-person and on-line. The in-person event is a full normal CppCon conference, and the on-line conference will be coordinated and integrated, not a separate disconnected event; more details on that will be posted as we get closer:

The Hybrid Experience

After this CfS, what's next? From the article:

[Next], we'll open Early Bird Registration for both online attendees and for in-person attendees who are vaccinated (or plan to be by October 1), with the goal of opening in-person registration further as we all learn more about what will be safe in October.

Please consider whether your plans this fall can include joining us by connecting online, or traveling in-person to Aurora, Colorado, to be part of what will certainly be one of the most memorable CppCons ever this October 24-29.

7 Top Tips for Debugging C++--Greg Law

How do you do it?

7 Top Tips for Debugging C++

by Greg Law

From the article:

Brian Kernighan famously said, “Everyone knows that debugging is twice as hard as writing a program in the first place. So if you’re as clever as you can be when you write it, how will you ever debug it?”. For me, this doesn’t just mean “keep it simple.” It also means debugging is central to programming – you cannot be a great programmer without being great at debugging. Hopefully, my favorite C++ debugging tips will help you be as clever and productive debugging your code as you are writing it in the first place...

Decent concepts--Andrzej KrzemieĊ„ski

Are you using concepts?

Decent concepts

by Andrzej Krzemieński

From the article:

Last year I published two posts on writing concepts:

  1. Concept Archetypes,
  2. Semantic requirements in concepts.

Having had some time to reflect upon these posts, I now realize that the model presented in them is not complete. In this post I want to give a more coherent view of concepts...

A list of bad practices commonly seen in industrial projects-- Thomas Lourseyre

Are you in such an environement?

A list of bad practices commonly seen in industrial projects

by Thomas Lourseyre

From the article:

If you ever worked in a company-size software project (with numerous developers), there is a good chance that the codebase was, at least, pretty messy.

In these days, most industrial C++ developers are not experts. You will often work with developers with a Java or Python background, people who just learnt C++ at school and don’t really care that much about the language and old developers who code in “C with classes” instead of C++.

Having worked on a few industrial projects myself, I realized there are some recurring patterns and bad practices. If you happen to teach your coworkers to avoid these bad practices, you will all take a huge step toward a beautiful codebase and it will be beneficial to you, your coworkers and your project.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of these common bad practices...