A list of bad practices commonly seen in industrial projects-- Thomas Lourseyre

Are you in such an environement?

A list of bad practices commonly seen in industrial projects

by Thomas Lourseyre

From the article:

If you ever worked in a company-size software project (with numerous developers), there is a good chance that the codebase was, at least, pretty messy.

In these days, most industrial C++ developers are not experts. You will often work with developers with a Java or Python background, people who just learnt C++ at school and don’t really care that much about the language and old developers who code in “C with classes” instead of C++.

Having worked on a few industrial projects myself, I realized there are some recurring patterns and bad practices. If you happen to teach your coworkers to avoid these bad practices, you will all take a huge step toward a beautiful codebase and it will be beneficial to you, your coworkers and your project.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of these common bad practices...

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