April 2020

Trip report: C++ Siberia 2020--Timur Doumler

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Trip report: C++ Siberia 2020

by Timur Doumler

From the article:

In 2019, I had a very busy conference year. I had just become self-employed, which meant I did not have to ask anyone’s permission anymore to go to a C++ conference. And because conferences are fun, I decided to go to all of them. Well, not all of them, but I ended up speaking at quite a few that year: CppOnSea (Folkestone), ACCU (Bristol), using std::cpp (Madrid), 4Developers (Warsaw), C++Now (Aspen), CoreC++ (Tel Aviv), C++Russia (both of them – Moscow & St. Petersburg), CppCon (Denver), ACCU Autumn (Belfast), MeetingC++ (Berlin), and finally CoreHard (Minsk). The latter one was particularly memorable because it was the first time a C++ conference invited me to deliver the opening keynote (and it was an amazing experience – thank you!)...

Qt, range-based for loops and structured bindings--Ivan Čukić

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Qt, range-based for loops and structured bindings

by Ivan Čukić

From the article:

Qt has a long history. The first stable version was released before the first version of C++ was standardized and long before the different C++ compiler vendors started shipping usable implementations of the C++ standard library. Because of this, Qt often followed (and still follows) some design idioms that feel unnatural to the usual C++ developer.

This can have some downsides for the Qt ecosystem. The evolution of the C++ programming language which sped up quite a bit in the last decade often brings improvements which don’t fit well with the Qt philosophy. In this blog, I offer some ways to work with this...

Online live trainings at Train IT

Train IT went online:

Online Live Trainings with Train IT

by Mateusz Pusz

From the article:

Traditional workshops are so-called "Closed Trainings". They are requested by a specific company, are delivered at its premises, and are provided only for its engineers, which means that they are closed to external participants.

On the other hand, "Open Trainings" are open to everyone but are harder to organize, thus provided less often. Additionally, they require participants to travel to a distant place of training, which besides additional time needed for it, also adds travel and accommodation costs to the training's registration fee.

Open Online Live Training joins the best parts of both cases. Read more...

Trip report: C++ Siberia 2020 -- Timur Doumler

To remind ourselves of the good old times when we had real-life C++ conferences, I just wrote up a trip report from C++ Siberia 2020:

Trip report: C++ Siberia 2020

by Timur Doumler

About the article

This conference took place just after the C++20 committee finished work on C++20 at the committee meeting in Prague, and just before all the other conferences got cancelled or postponed due to the covid-19 outbreak.

I gave the opening keynote, entitled "How C++20 changes the way we write code". It was a really great event, and I will remember it forever as it was my last trip before I started self-isolating.

ReSharper C++ 2020.1 is now released! -- Elvira Mustafina

A new version of the Visual Studio integration ReSharper C++ by Jetbrains has be released.

ReSharper C++ 2020.1: New C++20 Features

by Elvira Mustafina

From the article:

Here is a quick overview of the main highlights. If you are interested in the specific details, please read on:

  • Better C++20 support, including constrained type placeholders, abbreviated function templates, using enum declarations, and template syntax for lambdas.
  • New inspections with quick-fixes.
  • Rearrange Code and Complete Statement.
  • For game developers, ReSharper C++ introduces initial support for the High Level Shading Language and adheres more closely to the Unreal Engine guidelines.

I Accidentaly Wrote A Compile-Time Executable State Machine--Philippe M. Groarke

Compile time magic.

I Accidentaly Wrote A Compile-Time Executable State Machine

by Philippe M. Groarke

From the article:

Yes, you read that title right. While working on a new way to create finite state machines (fsm), I inadvertently designed a state machine you can execute at compile-time. With branching and everything. Today, allow me to pull you down my rabbit hole. It’s always nicer with company down here.

Let’s go, Alice!

Announcing Meeting C++ 2020!

Today I have the honor to give the kick-off for the official planning and participation in Meeting C++2020:

Announcing Meeting C++ 2020

by Jens Weller

From the article:

Meeting C++ returns with its 2020 conference edition! Like in the previous years, we'll be meeting in Berlin from the 12. - 14th November!

With the current situation of COVID-19, planning events for this year is difficult, though I have decided to go ahead and start the preparations for Meeting C++ 2020! I will keep you posted through out 2020 on the changes for this years conference!