November 2016

Guaranteed Copy Elision— Jonas Devlieghere

Guaranteed Copy Elision deserves some attention!

Guaranteed Copy Elision

by Jonas Devlieghere

From the article:

The new C++17 standard brings many exciting new features. A smaller, more subtle improvement it brings is guaranteed copy elision. The keyword is guaranteed, as copy elision itself has always been part of the standard. Although it might not be a change as radical as, say, structured bindings, I'm very happy to see it made it into the standard.

IIFE for Complex Initialization - Bartlomiej Filipek

Try using IIFE to do a complex initialization of a const variable.

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IIFE for Complex Initialization

by Bartlomiej Filipek

From the article:

How do you initialize your variables, especially the const ones? What do you do when the code for the initialization is complicated? Do you move it to other method or just write inside the current scope?

GoingNative 54: What’s New In Visual Studio 2017 RC and Introduction To Vcpkg—Steve Carroll

The new GoingNative is out!

GoingNative 54: What's New In Visual Studio 2017 RC and Introduction To Vcpkg

by Steve Carroll, Augustin Popa and Bryan DiLaura

From the video:

This episode of GoingNative comes to you in two parts:

First, Steve chats with Augustin Popa about the latest and greatest features in Visual Studio 2017 RC. Please try it out and let us know how you like it! For deeper dives on specific features, feel free to watch the Connect(); videos, or read about it on the Visual C++ Blog.

Second, Robert Schumacher talks about the new open source Windows package manager, Vcpkg. Vcpkg has been picked up enthusiastically by the community with a growing collection of supported libraries (90+ at the time this video was posted).

Demystifying constexpr-Edouard from quasardb

Compilation time computations are good!

Demystifying constexpr

by Edouard from quasardb

From the article:

C++ 11 and C++ 14 came with a lot of new features. People tend to focus on lambdas and rvalue references, but today I’d like to talk about constexpr.

In this post we'll only talk about constant expressions as in C++ 14. There is absolutely no point to restrict yourself to C++ 11 in 2016. C++ 14 is really C++ 11 Service Pack 1, so if you missed the update, go straight to C++ 14!

CLion 2016.3 released—Anastasia Kazakova

The new CLion is here!

CLion 2016.3 released

by Anastasia Kazakova

From the article:

In its third and final update this year, our cross-platform C/C++ IDE gets a firmer handle on modern language standards, incorporates top-voted changes in working with CMake project model, and brings lots of other enhancements. Take a closer look at these and other capabilities available in CLion 2016.3:

  • C++ language support: user-defined literals, C++14 digit separator, overload resolution support, and dozens of code analysis improvements.
  • C language support: C11 keywords support including auto-completion.
  • Remote GDB debug on Windows platform.
  • New approach to CMake project model: allows you to select the generation directory, open a project from an existing generation folder, and more.
  • Automatic switching of resolve context per build/run configuration change.
  • Semantic highlighting in the editor.
  • For Unreal Engine developers: plugin for better completion for Unreal Engine 4 sources, 3rd party plugin for CMake generation, and performance improvements for project re-opening in CLion.
  • Doxygen tparam tag support.
  • Various VCS improvements.

JFrog acquires C++ package manager

JFrog DevOps firm acquires open source C++ package manager

DevOps firm JFrog acquires Spain’s Conan

From the article:

“Our vision is aligned with JFrog’s. Conan will now utilize JFrog’s Enterprise-ready solutions in order to build and release C/C++ packages, and empowering JFrog’s products with Conan will open a whole new automated world for the C/C++ community,” said Martinez de Bartolomé.

Leaky Lambdas—Adi Shavit

There is a whole host of powerful closure critters that can squeeze into a captureless lambda.

Leaky Lambdas

by Adi Shavit

From the article:

It turns out that even captureless lambdas (which are e.g. convertible to function pointers) can see, hear, sniff and use certain things outside their own scope in their enclosing closure!

ACCU 2017 Call for Sessions extension—ACCU

The Call for Session for the ACCU 2017 conference was extended.


Call for Sessions extension


From the article

Now that the conference website is up and running, we are pleased to confirm that the deadline for session proposals has been extended until 2016-12-02T23:58+00:00. That’s a few minutes before the midnight (UTC and Europe/London) that ends Friday 2nd December 2016.

The full details are in Call for Sessions which has been updated to reflect the new submission deadline.