CLion 2016.3 released—Anastasia Kazakova

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The new CLion is here!

CLion 2016.3 released

by Anastasia Kazakova

From the article:

In its third and final update this year, our cross-platform C/C++ IDE gets a firmer handle on modern language standards, incorporates top-voted changes in working with CMake project model, and brings lots of other enhancements. Take a closer look at these and other capabilities available in CLion 2016.3:

  • C++ language support: user-defined literals, C++14 digit separator, overload resolution support, and dozens of code analysis improvements.
  • C language support: C11 keywords support including auto-completion.
  • Remote GDB debug on Windows platform.
  • New approach to CMake project model: allows you to select the generation directory, open a project from an existing generation folder, and more.
  • Automatic switching of resolve context per build/run configuration change.
  • Semantic highlighting in the editor.
  • For Unreal Engine developers: plugin for better completion for Unreal Engine 4 sources, 3rd party plugin for CMake generation, and performance improvements for project re-opening in CLion.
  • Doxygen tparam tag support.
  • Various VCS improvements.

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