GoingNative 54: What’s New In Visual Studio 2017 RC and Introduction To Vcpkg—Steve Carroll

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GoingNative 54: What's New In Visual Studio 2017 RC and Introduction To Vcpkg

by Steve Carroll, Augustin Popa and Bryan DiLaura

From the video:

This episode of GoingNative comes to you in two parts:

First, Steve chats with Augustin Popa about the latest and greatest features in Visual Studio 2017 RC. Please try it out and let us know how you like it! For deeper dives on specific features, feel free to watch the Connect(); videos, or read about it on the Visual C++ Blog.

Second, Robert Schumacher talks about the new open source Windows package manager, Vcpkg. Vcpkg has been picked up enthusiastically by the community with a growing collection of supported libraries (90+ at the time this video was posted).

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