Announcing the Meeting C++ Workshop Day!

I finally can announce the Meeting C++ Workshop day on Dec. 3rd in front of the Meeting C++ Conference:

Announcing the Meeting C++ Workshop Day!

by Jens Weller

From the article:

For the first time ever, I do organize a Workshop Day in front of Meeting C++! This is going to be a fun day giving you the knowledge of either C++ in embedded or parallelism.

While some details are still in the making, I already can announce that the speakers of the parallelism workshop are Thomas Heller, Boris Schäling and Michael Wong! The embedded workshop will feature a hands on session from KDAB "Creating HMI for embedded devices with C++ and Qt/QML" by Tobias Koenig.


Call for Papers: C++ track at NDC Oslo 2015, June 17-19

ndc-2015.pngThere was a lot of interest for the very strong C++ track that we hosted at the NDC conference in Oslo last summer. Here is a brief summary of the event, including links to the videos we recorded.

We are repeating the success this year, June 17-19. A few big C++ names has already been signed up, but there is still available slots in the agenda. If you would like to be part of the C++ track this year, please submit your proposal soon.

Call For Papers for NDC Oslo 2015

The CFP closes February 15.


Meeting C++ is sold out!

Last week the last ticket for Meeting C++ has been sold:

Meeting C++ is sold out for now

by Jens Weller

from the Article:

Ticket sales have been strong all summer long, and those who have yet not got their ticket will have to wait, maybe even for next year. There might be a second batch of tickets, which will not be more then 10-30 tickets released at the beginning of November. But for now, we are at almost 300 Attendees for Meeting C++! This includes the 50 Students, the speakers, the staff and all sold tickets.

A coding dojo for Meeting C++

I've just added something new to Meeting C++:

A coding dojo for Meeting C++

by Jens Weller

From the article:

I've just added something new to this years Meeting C++ schedule: a coding dojo...

Shortly after the announcement of this years conference Sven Johannsen and Detlef Wilkening approached me at a user group meeting, if it would be possible to include a coding dojo into Meeting C++. coding dojos are fun, and we already had two at my own user group, so I liked the idea. But first wanted to see how the general audience would vote on it as part of the talks.

The Idea was received well, but couldn't get high enough to justify a talk session being used. So, now the coding dojo will be placed in the lunch break of the first day. As this break is a bit longer anyway, you are able to have lunch and participate in the coding dojo. It will be moderated by Detlef Wilkening and Sven Johannsen.

Schedule for Meeting C++ 2014 released

I have the honor to annouce the release of the schedule for this years Meeting C++ conference:

Meeting C++ 2014 Schedule

This years conference offers again few highlights and a lot of great C++ content. The keynotes will be given by Scott Meyers and Hartmut Kaiser. The conference will offer 21 Talks in 3 Tracks.

Talks for Meeting C++ 2014 are online

I released most of the talks for this years Meeting C++ conference:

Meeting C++ 2014 - Talks

I have yet only published the talks where I could reach the speakers. So some more to come. The popular Track in the mainhall is also alreay known:

  • Monads in chains
  • Expression Templates Revisited: Separating Facts from Urban Legends
  • Pruning Error Messages From C++ Template Code
  • Sqlpp11, An EDSL For Type-Safe SQL In C++ For Databases, Containers, Streams And More
  • Multithreading done right?
  • Testdriven C++ with Catch
  • The C++ Memory Model

The schedule will be online around the beginning of June.