Madrid C++: C++ and WebAssembly

New C and C++ meetup in Madrid. Thursday the 30th at Liferay's HQ.

How to accelerate a website with C++ and WebAssembly (Spanish)

with Juan Morales and Miguel Cantón

In order to reduce latency, costs and gain scalability we decided to perform data analysis with Graphext using WebAssembly in the browser. We will talk about how to use emscripten to compile a C++ project to make it portable on all browsers.

ACCU 2020 Registration is open -- ACCU

The registration for the upcomming ACCU 2020 conference, 2020-03-25 to 2020-03-28, in Bristol, UK has opened.

ACCU 2020 Registration


About the conference:

Historically, ACCU has a lot of C++ and C content, and is proud of that: ACCU is the foremost annual conference for people interested in C++ and C, at least in and around the UK. But it is not just a C++ and C conference, ACCU is about programming in whatever language people are using, with whatever tools and processes people are using: D, Chapel, Java, Kotlin, C#, F#, Groovy, Rust, Go, Python, Ruby, Lisp, to name just a few programming languages about which there have been sessions at ACCU conferences. Git, CMake, Meson, TDD, BDD, allthese tools and techniques have been the focus of sessions at ACCU. The ACCU Conference is looking for sessions that will be interesting to people who create software.

Our keynote speaker are this year: Patricia Aas, Emily Bache, Kevlin Henney and Sean Parent

There are these preconference workshops the day before the conference:



C++ on Sea 2020 - Student and Volunteer programmes

Our Student and Volunteer programmes for 2020 are now open.

Students and Volunteers, programmes for 2020

From the article:

These provide valuable opportunities for those who might not otherwise be able to attend to benefit from the conference - either very cheaply, or even for free!

Full details can be found on the Students and Volunteers programme pages, respectively.

If you are a student, but would also like to volunteer, you may apply to both programmes.

Note that applications for volunteers will remain open until 26th January 2020.

C++Now 2020: Accepting Student/Volunteer Applications

Are you a student and want to meet many of the top C++ experts? Apply now!

Accepting Student/Volunteer Applications

by C++Now

From the announcement:

It is my pleasure to announce the eighth year of the C++Now Student/Volunteer program! We are again inviting students with an interest in C++ to attend the May 3-8, 2020 conference in Aspen, CO as Student/Volunteers.

emBo++ Call for Papers

The call for papers is open until 2019-12-31.

Call for Papers

by emBo++

About the conference

emBO++ features different kinds of presentations. In parallel to classic 50-min full-length and 15-min lightning-talks, there will be 180-min workshops. Furthermore people that don’t want to speak to a whole class, but still want to present their current work may apply for a poster-presentation spot. Posters will be hung in the forum for every visitor to see, presenters can get a small table if they’d like to. In order to apply for any of the mentioned presentations, just fill out the form on

Meeting C++ 2019 summary--Schneide blog

Trip report.

Meeting C++ 2019 summary

by Schneide blog

From the article:

A fellow colleague and me had the pleasure to attend this years Meeting C++ 2019 from November 14th-16th in Berlin. It was my second visit and a quite interesting and insightful one. Therefore I would like to give a short summary and share some of my take-aways...