CppCon 2022 opening keynote: Bjarne Stroustrup, live in person

bjarne-s-300x271.jpgCppCon 2022 will kick off on Monday, September 11 with Bjarne Stroustrup delivering the traditional opening keynote live in person in Aurora. Bjarne’s annual opening keynote for CppCon is one of the most anticipated and most watch talks in C++, and among the most viewed presentations on the CppCon YouTube ChannelRegistration is open attend in person to be in the room for this keynote, to watch and submit questions live online, or do both...

Opening 2022 Keynote: C++ in Constrained Environments

Bjarne Stroustrup, live in person

C++ is widely used in constrained and/or critical applications and infrastructure components. How do we manage to use a large multi-purpose language in such environments? How can we better use facilities and techniques from modern C++ (C++11, C++14, C++17, C++20, and beyond)? The best answer is not “use only facilities available in C and C++ in 1985.”

This talk focuses on a top-down approach to achieve simplicity, maintainability, performance, and various forms of safety. It touches upon the C++ Core Guidelines, compile-time computation, type-and-resource safety, type deduction, the span and chrono standard libraries, and error handling.

Every year, Bjarne Stroustrup gives an important C++ talk in his CppCon opening keynote. Be at CppCon again this year, on-site or on-line, as Bjarne Stroustrup flies us above this complex landscape of issues and shines a spotlight on the most important things to know, and to think about, in C++ in 2022. This year we aim to leave extra extended time for real-time questions and answers with the live audience. Come to the talk, bring your questions, and don’t miss out!

Registration is now open for both online and in-person attendees so don’t miss out on CppCon 2022 this September 11-16. Register today!

CppCon 2022 plenary talk: C++ Complexity, the Subtle Culprits

A CppCon 2022 talk has been announced:

Herb Sutter live in person at CppCon 2022

From the announcement:

C++ Complexity: The Subtle Culprits ("Simplifying C++" #9 of N)

“What makes C++ so complex, and what can we do about it?” In past talks, Herb has already done deep dives on most of the major causes of C++’s complexity and potential directions for solutions.

In this brand-new talk, we delve into the “long tail” of subtle culprits… many of which turn out to be related by a common theme...

The CppCon 2022 Early Bird registration discount is available until Friday -- register now to attend on-site or on-line (both will get this talk).


Reminder: CppCon 2022 Early Bird ends Friday

In just 60 days, CppCon 2022 will start with Bjarne Stroustrup's opening keynote!

If you're interested in savings, the Early Bird discount for on-line and on-site tickets is available until this Friday, July 15. After that tickets will still be available right up to the conference, but at the full ticket price.

To register for CppCon 2022, click this link.

For details of on-line and on-site tickets, see the Registration page which includes information about student registration discounts, group rates, the CppCon Academy, the Diversity Dinner, the "Meet the Presenters" banquet, and much more!

CppCon 2022 Call for Poster Submissions - Bob Steagall

Preparations for CppCon 2022 continue...

CppCon 2022 Call for Poster Submissions

by Bob Steagall

From the announcement:

Are you doing something cool with C++? Got a great new library, technique, or tool?

We want you to share it with the C++ community by creating a poster and presenting it at CppCon 2022!

The poster submissions deadline is Friday, July 22nd, with decisions sent by August 1st. For topic ideas, submission instructions, and advice on making the best possible submission, see the 2022 Poster Submissions page.

CppCon: Announcing CppCon Academy 2022 Classes

CppCon 2022 registration is open, and the Academy classes (aka pre- and post-conference extra tutorials) have just been announced:

Announcing CppCon Academy 2022 Classes

From the announcement:

Registration is open for almost twenty CppCon Academy classes that will be held in the days before or after CppCon 2022 in September. Four classes are open to online attendees and the rest will be offered to onsite attendees at the Gaylord Rockies in Aurora...

CppCon instructors are selected from the best C++ instructors in the world. They feature rare combinations of deep technical knowledge, extensive development experience, and the ability to explain things in an approachable manner.

Reminder: Early Bird Registration ends in mid-July, so register now!

Summary list of classes for 2022:

  • C++20 in Practice: A Complete Introduction with Nicolai Josuttis (onsite, pre)
  • C++ Templates for Developers with Walter E. Brown (onsite, post)
  • Getting Started with C++20/23 with Jeff Garland (onsite, post)
  • Introduction to C++20 with Mateusz Pusz (onsite, pre & post – four-days)
  • Modern C++: When Efficiency Matters with Andreas Fertig (online, pre)
  • Programming with C++20 with Andreas Fertig (online, post)
  • Accelerated TDD: For More Productive C++ with Phil Nash (onsite, pre)
  • Advanced Modern C++ Programming: The Tricky Parts with Nicolai Josuttis (online, post)
  • Best Practices for Modern C++ with Rainer Grimm (onsite, pre)
  • Digging Deeper With C++ Best Practices with Jason Turner (onsite, pre)
  • Managing Memory with Patrice Roy (onsite, post)
  • Thinking Small with Patrice Roy (onsite, pre)
  • Modern C++ Design Patterns with Klaus Iglberger (onsite, pre)
  • System Architecture And Design Using Modern C++ with Charley Bay (online, pre)
  • Heterogeneous Programming in Modern C++ with SYCL with Gordon Brown, James Reinders, Michael Wong, Rod Burns, and Ronan Keryell (onsite, post)
  • More Concurrent Thinking in C++: Beyond the Basics with Anthony Williams (onsite, pre)
  • Performance and Efficiency in C++ for Experts, Future Experts, and Everyone Else with Fedor Pikus (onsite, post)

CppCon 2022 Registration is Open

Tickets for September are now on sale! This year's conference will again be fully hybrid, on-site in Colorado and on-line around the world, coordinated together.

CppCon 2022 Registration is Open

Highlights from the announcement:

Registration is now open for CppCon 2022, including CppCon Academy Classes... new discount packages for organizations with many C++ developers... savings for Early Bird registrations before the end of July 15th... four online classes and over a dozen onsite classes... new Economy registration... three options available for full-time students... [and more]

Check out the full announcement for more details.

Reminder: CppCon 2022 talk submission deadline this week

Thank you to everyone who has already responded to the CppCon 2022 Call for Submissions! We love the strong set of high-quality submissions we've received so far again this year, and more are still coming in as we approach the talk submission deadline this Friday.

If you have been thinking of submitting a talk proposal, you still have a few days! Remember that this year the conference is again fully on-site and fully on-line, closely coordinated, just like last year. So we encourage talk submissions for all parts of the conference... just let us know whether you prefer to speak on-site, on-line, or either.

More CppCon news will be coming soon, including opening registration and announcing the pre- and post-conference classes. Stay tuned!

CppCon 2022 Call for Volunteers and Volunteer Grant Program -- Brett Searles

CppCon 2022 is just three months away! It's hybrid again this year, with a full on-site part together with a tightly coordinated full on-line experience, just like last year. Watch for registration to open in a few days.

In the meantime, here's the latest update -- a call for volunteers, including a grant program:

CppCon 2022 Call for Volunteers and Volunteer Grant Program

by Brett Searles

From the announcement:

Be a part of making CppCon 2022 an exciting event.  Please join us as a volunteer. Building on the success of last year’s hybrid conference, we’ll need both onsite and online-only volunteers.

... For more information about volunteering and the Volunteer Grant Program, please see our Volunteer page.

Join a great team and be a part of history making in the C++ community, please complete the CppCon 2022 Volunteer Application Form.  There will be other steps after completion, we will contact you to assist you with setup for the conference.