CppCon: Announcing safety policy

On the CppCon blog:

Announcing CppCon Safety Policy

From the article:

The point of CppCon is to learn and connect with colleagues. The Standard C++ Foundation Board is committed to ensuring that you can participate in an environment that is welcoming and safe. ... We take all reports of misconduct seriously, even if it does not occur at CppCon but could affect CppCon attendees.

Next week: Meeting C++ online job fair

Next week the first online C++ job fair in 2022 is happening on Tuesday and Wednesday featuring 7 C++ employers, more might join. You can share your CV/resume with the sponsors of the event.

Meeting C++ online job fair

by Jens Weller

From the article:

Join the online C++ job fair on the 15th and 16th March organized by Meeting C++. The job fair will start at 15:00 CET and go until 18:00 on March 15th, on March 16th the event will be in the evening from 20 - 23:00 CET. Companies can choose to be present on both or only one of these events, or to only receive CVs through Meeting C++.

ACCU 2022 Registration is open -- ACCU

The registration for the upcoming ACCU 2022 conference has opened.

ACCU 2022 Registration is open


About the conference

Again we had the opportunity to assemble a great schedule by speakers from the community who want to share their experience!

Our this years keynote speakers are Guy Davidson, Hannah Dee, Patricia Aas and Titus Winters.

C++ on Sea Early Bird Tickets and Call for Speakers

C++ on Sea has opened its Call for Speakers (including workshops), which runs until 6th February

The 2022 Call for Speakers is now open

by C++ on Sea

About the conference

And Early Bird tickets are now selling up to the end of February

Early bird tickets now on sale

This year's event will be back in person, in Folkestone, UK, overlooking the sea!

Speaker's travel and accomodation expenses are covered - so get your submissions in before the deadline.

C++ on Sea 2022 -- Phil Nash

Announcing dates and keynote speakers for C++ on Sea 2022!

C++ on Sea 2022

by Phil Nash

From the article:

Yes, C++ on Sea is back by the sea! Or at least that is the current plan. We have booked the Leas Cliff Hall, once again, for July 4th-7th 2022. We're now busy, behind the scenes, working out all the details. We'll have updates first thing in the new year when we'll also open the call for speakers.

The program for CPPP is now available

The CPPP - an international online C++ Conference from 1-3 December 2021 with a hint of French accent - has published their programme.

CPPP Programme

by CPPP Conference

About the programme

CPPP has now published its program along three tracks:

  • Progress: This track is all about the bases. These are the talks that you wish every C++ developer would listen to early in their career to start on the right foot. They can be very valuable to experts but need to be accessible to students and beginners.
  • Produce: Talks that can be immediately applied by professional C++ programmers in their everyday job. Concrete tools and pragmatic ideas that work for legacy codebases and scale well with big teams.
  • Push Forward: Novel ideas and approaches for C++. They can be patterns that are not well known yet, new features coming in the language, libraries using these recent features or new ways to think about old problems.

You can also already buy your tickets.


CppCon 2021 trip report -- Timur Doumler

Timur has noted down his thoughts about the recent CppCon 2021 trip:

Trip Report

by Timur Doumler

About the article

I was on-site and this was actually my first in-person conference since the pandemic started, as well as my first conference in my new role as Developer Advocate at JetBrains. I had an amazing time, a huge thanks to the organisers for pulling this off! See you next year!