Submission Reminder—cppcon

Don't forget.

Submission Reminder

by cppcon

From the article:

The deadline for session submissions is only days away. Review the Call for Submissions and make your submission soon. You can run your ideas by the Submission Advice mailing list, but you must hurry for this. The advice list gets very busy as the deadline draws near...

“Modern C++ Template Programming” with Nicolai Josuttis

Meeting C++ 2018 offers also a workshop with Nicolai Josuttis:

Modern C++ Template Programming

by Jens Weller

From the article:

Each and every C++ programmer uses templates. Containers such as vector<> or array<>, strings, algorithms such as sort(), iterators, and I/O streams are all implemented as generic code. Modern C++ adds type traits, smart pointers, and template member functions such as emplace(), and generic lambdas as a tricky form of generic code.

Nevertheless the knowledge and understanding of how to implement and use templates is very limited and each and every programmer is sooner or later getting uncertain.

This workshop therefore discusses templates for a whole day to make clear what it means to use templates and how to use them in practice. As a result the general understanding of templates will be improved and generic code might become more helpful and less surprising.

March 2018 ISO C++ Meeting Trip Report (SG1: Concurrency and Parallelism)—Thomas Rodgers

The future is still getting closer.

March 2018 ISO C++ Meeting Trip Report (SG1: Concurrency and Parallelism)

by Thomas Rodgers

From the article:

This year’s Winter ISO C++ Standard Committee meeting was held in March in Jacksonville, Florida. A number of larger features, for which there is substantial interest but which are also difficult to get right, were discussed:

  • Concepts, along with Concept types from the Ranges TS; see P0898 and n4685
  • Modules; see n4689
  • Coroutines; see n4723
  • Networking; see n4711
  • Executors; see p0443

Keynotes at Meeting C++ 2018

Much to expect from this years set of Keynote speakers at Meeting C++ 2018

Keynotes at Meeting C++ 2018

by Jens Weller

From the article:

Two of them are well known for a long time in the C++ community as speakers and book authors, while Lisa can be seen as a newcomer. All three of them still have some time to think about what they'd like to talk about, I might give you more insights into the keynotes later this year.

Registration for CppCon 2018 is Open

The next CppCon conference is in Bellevue, Washington September 23-28.

Registration for CppCon 2018 is Open

From the announcement:

In addition to the regular conference program there will be keynotes, lightning talks, and panels. There are also pre- and post-conference classes (both two-day and one-day are offered) as well as a meeting of SG14.

ACCU 2018 trip report—Anastasia, Timur, Phil

Anastasia Kazakova, Timur Doumler, and Phil Nash describe their experience from the recent ACCU conference in Bristol.

ACCU 2018 trip report

by Anastasia, Timur, Phil

From the report

A couple of weeks ago we traveled to Bristol for the annual ACCU Conference with our booth and 4 talks from our team (including a keynotes plenary!) in the main program. In this blog post I (Anastasia Kazakova, PMM for C++ Tools), Timur Doumler (Software Developer in the CLion team) and Phil Nash (JetBrains C++ tools Developer Advocate), would like to share our impressions and some interesting findings we had from the conference.

Pacific++ speaker applications open now

Do you have C++ knowledge to share? Speaker applications are now open for our October conference in Sydney, Australia.

Pacific++: Call for Talks

by PacifiC++

About the conference

We welcome applicants from all skill levels, so please do not hesitate to submit a talk!

For more information or to apply now, please visit our speaker portal:  

Italian C++ Conference 2018

A full day of C++ in Italy, June 23, 2018 / University "Bicocca", in Milan.

Italian C++ Conference 2018

Keynote Speaker:

Peter Sommerlad, Director of IFS Institute for Software


An event organized by the Italian C++ Community.

Sponsors: Bloomberg, JFrog/CONANJetBrains, Aresys, KDAB, Recognition Robotics, Sigeo


International attendees are welcome: most of the talks are in English.


In a nutshell

The Italian C++ Conference 2018 aims to be a forum for exchanging experiences using the C++ language. The event consists of 11 tech sessions and more than 3 hours of networking.


Who should attend the Italian C++ Conference 2018?

This event is made by passionate C++ professionals for C++ professionals, students and enthusiasts.


What can I find at the Italian C++ Conference 2018?

The agenda consists of 1x90-min keynote8x50-min tech talks and 2x20-min short tech talks.

More than 3 hours allocated for networking. Sponsors area.

You can refer to the detailed program for more information.


When does the Italian C++ Conference 2018 take place?

The event will be held on June 23, 2017 at the University "Bicocca", in Milan.

Check-in at 8.30 AM. The event starts at 9.30 AM and will last for a full day.


Who supports this event?

Sponsors: Bloomberg, JFrog/CONANJetBrains, Aresys, KDAB, Recognition Robotics, Sigeo

Get in touch if you want to sponsor the event


Do I need to register?

The Italian C++ Conference 2018 is free, but you must register to facilitate the organization of the event. You can register here.

ACCU 2018 trip report—Mathieu Ropert

Mathieu describes his impressions from the recent ACCU conference in

ACCU 2018 trip report

by Mathieu Ropert

From the article

It’s great to see that the British had an association with quality conferences and publications for so long. In comparison France only has (to my knowledge) a couple of for-profit magazines on programming that never struck me as worth mentioning. As for conferences, of course we have the great Paris User Group but we fall short in terms of native languages conferences.