CppCon 2017: Fun, fashion, and kids learning about C++

SaraChipps-300x296.pngThis project has already inspired thousands of kids to learn C++... so why not have a live programming worship for kids at CppCon 2017?

Fun and Fashion: Kids Learning about C++

From the article:

Sara J. Chipps shipped a product last November that has already inspired about 4000 kids (aged 8-12) to learn to write C++. Want to know more? So do we, so we’ve invited her to present and give a workshop on Jewelbots at CppCon.

Her talk is Building for the Best of Us: Design and Development with Kids in Mind:

Building an API easy enough for kids to understand (in C++) is a challenge. Every design decision, from the circuit board to the plastic can effect the results. We’ll talk about product design, manufacturing, firmware, software, and Arduino AP as we cover the Jewelbots timeline from Kickstarter to shipping to distribution. Additionally, hear from the two girls who are the top Jewelbots from the Bellevue area! You’ll learn what they have built and how they view the future of C++.

Following her talk, Sara will host a Jewelbots Build Workshop for kids and grownups. This workshop is open to anyone to come and watch (even if you aren’t registered for the conference), but if you want to reserve a Jewelbot to work on during the workshop (and who wouldn’t?), you’ll need to reserve it here:

Qt talks at CppCon 2017—Giuseppe D’Angelo

It's getting closer.

Qt talks at CppCon 2017

by Giuseppe D'Angelo

From the article:

The program for CppCon 2017 is now published!

CppCon is the annual conference for the C++ community: five days packed with over 100 talks, as well as inspiring keynotes, panel discussions, hallway chats, fun evening events and much more. CppCon is a project of the Standard C++ Foundation, a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to support the C++ software developer community and promote the understanding and use of modern, standard C++ on all compilers and platforms.

Trip report: Evolution Working Group at the Summer ISO C++ standards meeting Toronto—Andrew Pardoe

The evolution does not stop.

Trip report: Evolution Working Group at the Summer ISO C++ standards meeting (Toronto)

by Andrew Pardoe

From the article:

The Summer 2017 ISO C++ standards meeting was held in July 10-15 at the University of Toronto. Many thanks to Google, Codeplay, and IBM for sponsoring the event, as well to folks from Mozilla, Collège Lionel-Groulx, Christie Digital Systems, and Apple for helping to organize. And, of course, we very much appreciate Waterfront International for sponsoring a banquet at the CN Tower.

Announcing the Student and Accessibility tickets for Meeting C++ 2017!

The programs for student and accessibility tickets are open until October 15th!

Announcing the Student and Accessibility tickets

by Jens Weller

From the article:

This is the 4th year where Meeting C++ is offering free tickets for students. Since last year, there is also a contingent for the underrepresented and those, not able to afford a Meeting C++ ticket.

Playing with C++ Coroutines—Sumant Tambe

An old presentation about coroutines:

Playing with C++ Coroutines

by Sumant Tambe

From the article:

While looking for some old photos, I stumbled upon my own presentation on C++ coroutines, which I never posted online to a broader audience. I presented this material in SF Bay ACCU meetup and at the DC Polyglot meetup in early 2016! Yeah, it's been a while. It's based on much longer blogpost about Asynchronous RPC using modern C++. So without further ado...

C++ Siberia 2017

cppsiberia.PNGThis year C++ Siberia conference will take place in Tomsk at 25-26 of August. The opening keynote will be given by Ivan Cukic.  The conference will be held at Tomsk State University.

The conference information (Russian language):

C++ Siberia

Tomsk, Siberia, 25-26 August

Check out Siberia this summer!

Confirmed speakers & talks at Meeting C++ 2017

A first list on confirmed speakers and their talks for this years Meeting C++ conference!

Confirmed Speakers & Talks at Meeting C++ 2017

by Jens Weller

From the article:

Last week the decisions for who could speak at Meeting C++ 2017 was made, and the selected candidates were contacted. Here is a little overview on talks and speakers for this years conference. There is a few speakers which haven't reacted yet, hope to share these talks soon too.

CppCon 2017: Early bird registration ends this weekend

A reminder from the CppCon blog:

Early bird registration ends this weekend

by Jon Kalb

From the post:

No matter when you register for CppCon 2017, you be able to meet with:

  • over a thousand other professional C++ engineers, including book, blog, and library authors, standards committee members, compiler and other tool implementers, and teachers and trainers;
  • scores of the best presenters in the industry; and
  • exhibitors from all over the world

and attend:

  • five days of six or seven tracks of peer-reviewed presentations,
  • daily plenary talks from recognized industry leaders,
  • multiple lightning talk sessions,
  • expert panels and special sessions,
  • poster presentations, and
  • social events.

But if you do it this week, you save more than enough money to join us at the Boeing Future of Flight Field Trip.

To help you decide, here is this year’s promo video: