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by Jonathan Boccara

From the article:

Here is an exciting piece of news for the C++ community: the CPPP conference has been officially announced!

C++Now 2019 Schedule Announcement

C++Now 2019 will be held in Aspen, Colorado, from May 5-10. Registration is still open!

Schedule Announced: Over 50 Presentations in 3 Tracks

From the announcement:

This year we have 3 tracks with over 50 C++-focused presentations including keynotes, lightning talks, panels, and the “Library in a Week” hands-on workshop.

If you are still on the fence about whether to join us, now is a good time to make up your mind. Check out the list of session tags, the conference schedule, and the attendee video. The venue has a hard attendee limit and if the conference sells out (as it tends to do), your remaining option is to wait until 2020.

C++ Now 2019 Keynote Announcement: Compile Time RegEx by Hana Dusíková

C++Now 2019 will be held in Aspen, Colorado, from May 5-10. Registration is still open!

Keynote Announced: Hana Dusíková on Compile Time Regular Expressions

From the announcement:

The theme of this year’s keynotes is Compile-time Magic and the first keynote that we are announcing is Hana Dusíková’s presentation of a library that performs at compile-time, work that is often done at runtime.

Hana’s keynote is entitled Compile Time Regular Expressions with Deterministic Finite Automaton.

Call for papers—code::dive

code::dive 2019 just started its call for papers until the end of 2019-06-30.

Call for papers

by code::dive

About the conference:

code::dive 2019 is the 6th edition of the code::dive conference, taking place at Cinema New Horizons at Wrocław, Poland, on 20-21 of November. The conference is organized by Nokia Wrocław.

C++ Russia 2019: April 19-20, Moscow

C++ Russia 2019 will be held in Moscow, April 19–20, 2019.

Two days, three tracks and dozens of deep technical talks about C++: concurrency, performance, architecture, environment — all you need to make your code perfect.

C++ R​ussia 2019: Moscow, April 19–20, 2019

by Sergey Platonov

From the article:

Keynote by Nicolai Josuttis and Anton Polukhin.

Also at the conerence: Philip Nash, Valentin Ziegler, Ivan Čukić, Viktor Kirilov, Andrey Davydov, Alexander Granin and many others.

C++ Russia is not only talks, but also networking with hundreds of colleagues from Russia and Europe. Due to dedicated discussion zones, all the speakers have after their talks all the questions will be answered.

If you need to solve any practical issue right now — you can find Ask Expert zone and ask speakers to help you.

And in the evening you can participate in BoF-sessions where the most uncommon ideas are born.

One of track will be entirely in English.




C++Now 2019 Attendee Video

"There's really not a conference like this one"

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C++Now 2019 Attendee Video

by C++ Now attendees

About the video

This video was created by Vittorio Romeo, Lisa Lippincott, Zach Laine, Odin Holmes, Phil Nash, Anastasia Kazakova, Jens Weller, and more