Overload 149 is now available

ACCU’s Overload journal of February 2019 is out. It contains the following C++ related articles.

Overload 149 is now available

From the journal:

Rip It Up and Start Again.
Some things can be resurrected, others cannot. Frances Buontempo wonders when we need to repent and start over.

5 Big Fat Reasons Why Mutexes Suck Big Time.
Mutable shared state in multithreaded code is often protected by mutexes. Sergey Ignatchenko reminds us that Re-Actors can avoid many of the problems.

A Small Universe.
Writing a programming language is a hot topic. Deák Ferenc shows us how he wrote a compiler for bytecode callable from C++.

QM Bites: Understand Windows Operating-System Identification Preprocessor Macros.
Quality matters and bite sized articles help. Matthew Wilson returns with a QM Bites.

A Thorough Introduction to Distributed Systems.
What is a distributed system, and why is it so complicated? Stanislav Kozlovski explains.

Don’t Use std::endl.
How do you add a new line in C++? Chris Sharpe suggests std::endl is a tiny utility that’s more trouble than it’s worth.

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