Video available: Chandler Carruth, "Tuning C++: Benchmarks, and CPUs, and Compilers!" -- CppCon

Chandler's talk about benchmarking, cheating the compiler's optimizer and optimizing code from the recent CppCon is online.

Tuning C++: Benchmarks, and CPUs, and Compilers! Oh My! (YouTube)

by Chandler Carruth, CppCon 2015

From the talk's outline:

A primary use case for C++ is low latency, low overhead, high performance code. But C++ does not give you these things for free, it gives you the tools to control these things and achieve them where needed. How do you realize this potential of the language? How do you tune your C++ code and achieve the necessary performance metrics?

This talk will walk through the process of tuning C++ code from benchmarking to performance analysis. It will focus on small scale performance problems ranging from loop kernels to data structures and algorithms. It will show you how to write benchmarks that effectively measure different aspects of performance even in the face of advanced compiler optimizations and bedeviling modern CPUs. It will also show how to analyze the performance of your benchmark, understand its behavior as well as the CPUs behavior, and use a wide array of tools available to isolate and pinpoint performance problems. The tools and some processor details will be Linux and x86 specific, but the techniques and concepts should be broadly applicable.

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