Don’t blame initializer_list prematurely—Marco Arena

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A post on three common pitfalls regarding initializer_list...or not? 

Don't blame initializer_list prematurely

by Marco Arena

From the article:

“Cannot convert initializer list argument to ‘int*'”. People started trying to figure out why initializer_list was not covertible to int[]. [...] A gentleman spotted the following in the dark corners of the codebase:

vector<YahtzeeGame> games;
games.push_back(make_tuple(5, 6, 2));
games.push_back(make_tuple(5, 6, 3));
games.push_back(make_tuple(5, 6, 4));
// other stuff

Excited about C++11, he tried to refactor:

vector<YahtzeeGame> games = { {5, 6, 2}, {5, 6, 3}, {5, 6, 4} };
And does it compile? ...

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