Announcing Cat: a C++14 Functional Library -- Nicola Bonelli

Cat is meowingA new open source C++14 Functional Library has been released:

Cat: a C++14 Functional Library

by Nicola Bonelli

From the article:

Cat is a C++14 library, inspired by Haskell. Cat aims at pushing the functional programming approach in C++ to another level. [...] On one hand it works for filling the gap in the language with respect to functional programming. [...] On the other hand Cat promotes the use of generic programming with type classes, inspired by Category Theory.

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ramey said on Apr 29, 2015 01:21 PM:

How is it possible that this link be posted on this site? The target page include no text or pointers to documentation nor source code nor tests. If you're going to start posting this stuff, there are 100,000 other open source software packages you could link to.

OK - I did find the github page with source and tests - but still no documentation. So I'll stand behind my rant
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kmhofmann said on May 3, 2015 10:30 AM:

I second ramey's comment, especially since I would expect this site to post only very high-quality content.
The lack of documentation and other pointers was already criticized on reddit.