HPX version 0.9.7 released -- STE||AR Group, LSU

The STE||AR Group at Loisiana State University has released V0.9.7 of HPX -- A general purpose parallel C++ runtime system for applications of any scale.

HPX V0.9.7 Released

The newest version of HPX (V0.9.7) is now available for download! Over the past few months...

From the announcement:

  • Ported HPX to BlueGene/Q
  • Improved HPX support for Intel Xeon Phi® accelerators.
  • Reimplemented hpx::bind, hpx::tuple, and hpx::function for better performance and better compliance with the C++11 Standard. Added hpx::mem_fn.
  • Reworked hpx::when_all and hpx::when_any for better C++ compliance. Added hpx::when_any_swapped.
  • Added hpx::copy as a precursor for a migrate functionality, added hpx::get_ptr allowing to directly access the memory underlying a given component.
  • Added the hpx::lcos::broadcast, hpx::lcos::reduce, and hpx::lcos::fold collective operations.
  • Added support for more flexible thread affinity control from the HPX command line, such as new modes (balanced, scattered, compact), improved default settings when running multiple localities on the same node.
  • Added experimental executors for simpler thread pooling and scheduling. This API may change in the future as it will stay aligned with the ongoing C++ standardization efforts.
  • Massively improved the performance of the HPX serialization code. Added partial support for zero copy serialization of array and bitwise-copyable types.
  • General performance improvements of the code related to threads and futures.

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