In a nutshell: To move or not to move -- Martin Moene

[Ed.: If you're new to C++11 and wondering about move semantics, but find the longer "introductory" articles about it a little too detailed, here's a nice nutshell discussion with a simple example and good links for further reading.]

An introductory discussion of the new C++11 rvalue references in connection with move semantics:

To Move or Not To Move

by Martin Moene

I'm probably not the only one who needs some time to become familiar with the new C++11 rvalue references. Recall std::auto_ptr to take care of a resource's lifetime. It could catch you by surprise and cause the loss of something valuable with its unconditional move behaviour.


Well that's exactly why things changed in C++11.

Here are a few excerpts that helped me to put the new rvalue references in perspective. ...

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