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C++Chat[16] The Great Template Metaprogramming Library Debate


CppChat[16]: The Great Template Metaprogramming Library Debate

with Chiel Douwes, Edouard Alligand, Eric Niebler, Joel Falcou, Louis Dionne, Odin Holmes, and Jon Kalb.

From the chat:

This was a special episode focusing on the path forward for Boost, the Standard Committee, and the C++ community in the area of template metaprogramming.

A Tiny Metaprogramming Library -- Manu Sánchez

Manu Sánchez is proposing a little-big collaborative challenge to the C++ community. Learning how to build:

A Tiny Metaprogramming Library

by Manu Sánchez

The proposal:

I hope you like this idea. It’s not only me writing crazy meta-stuff, but everybody developing their own metaprogramming library, learning something new each week, and comparing the different approaches each one is taking. I’m the guy who writes this posts, but I can learn a lot with your Tiny Metaprogramming Libraries and your feedback.