CppCast Episode 10: SQLpp11 with Roland Bock

Episode 10 of CppCast the only podcast by C++ developers for C++ developers. In this episode Rob and Jason are joined by Roland Bock to talk about sqlpp11 and some of Rolands ideas for the future of C++.

CppCast Episode 10: SQLpp11 with Roland Bock

by Rob Irving and Jason Turner

About the interviewee:

Roland Bock is Head of Development at PPRO Financial Ltd, an FCA regulated e-Money institute offering prepaid MasterCard card programs and comprehensive financial solutions for international electronic payment transactions. Since 2008 he has been using SQL in C++. Being unhappy with the string-based approach of most SQL libraries, he decided to do something about it and developed a type-safe EDSL for SQL in C++: sqlpp11. In his spare time Roland is working on sqlpp11, experimenting with Concepts Lite and trying to write a proposal about compile-time configurable names for C++ standard. He lives and codes in Munich (Germany).

Sqlpp11, An EDSL For Type-Safe SQL In C++11

A new video from Meeting C++ 2014:

Sqlpp11, An EDSL For Type-Safe SQL In C++

by Roland Bock

From the talk description:

Most C/C++ interfaces to SQL databases are string based. Theses strings effectively hide expression structures, names and types from the compiler. And they are vendor-specific. And they defer expression parsing and validation until the test phase or (even worse) production...