The Silicon Web Framework

Web frameworks are a rare thing in C++ world so it's interesting to see a new one:

The Silicon Web Framework

by Matthieu Garrigues on GitHub

From the article:

Silicon is a high performance, middleware oriented C++14 http web framework. It brings to C++ the high expressive power of other web frameworks based on dynamic languages.

Android NDK Revision 10d available

For all the people that develop for Android, a new version( revision 10d) of the Android Native Development Kit has been released.

Android NDK Revision 10d available

From the release log:

  • Made GCC 4.8 the default for all 32-bit ABIs. Deprecated GCC 4.6, and will remove it next release. To restore previous behavior, either add NDK_TOOLCHAIN_VERSION=4.6 to ndk-build, or add --toolchain=arm-linux-androideabi-4.6 when executing on the command line. GCC 4.9 remains the default for 64-bit ABIs.
  • Stopped all x86[_64] toolchains from adding -mstackrealign by default. The NDK toolchain assumes a 16-byte stack alignment. The tools and options used by default enforce this rule. A user writing assembly code must make sure to preserve stack alignment, and ensure that other compilers also comply with this rule. (GCC bug 38496)
  • Added Address Sanitizer functionality to Clang 3.5 support to the ARM and x86 ABIs. For more information on this change, see the Address Sanitizer project.
  • Introduced the requirement, starting from API level 21, to use -fPIE -pie when building. In API levels 16 and higher, ndk-build uses PIE when building. This change has a number of implications, which are discussed in Developer Preview Issue 888. These implications do not apply to shared libraries.

And much more ...

Qt 5.4 released --Lars Knoll

A new major version of the Qt has been released.

Qt 5.4 released

From the news article:

I am happy to announce that Qt 5.4 has been released today and is available for download from Together with Qt 5.4, we have also released Qt Creator 3.3 and an update to Qt for device creation on embedded Linux and embedded Android.

But let’s start with Qt 5.4. One of the main focus areas of this Qt release has been around Web technologies and we have a lot of cool new things to offer there...