Start speaking at Meeting C++ 2018

As it was a big success last year, Meeting C++ has again a track for new speakers, and is looking for folks which like to submit their talk ideas to the conference!

The call for Talks for Meeting C++ 2018 ends on June 17th.

Call for a more diverse program at Meeting C++ 2018!

by Jens Weller

From the article:

Last years track for new speakers was a great success, so Meeting C++ will dedicate a track to this now in every year. So I'd like to reach out to the C++ Community, who do you think has something interesting to say about C++ and could start speaking at this years Meeting C++?

Using C++17 std::optional—Bartlomiej Filipek

A reminder.

Using C++17 std::optional

by Bartlomiej Filipek

From the article:

Let’s take a pair of two types <YourType, bool> - what can you do with such composition?

In this article, I’ll describe std:optional - a new helper type added in C++17. It’s a wrapper for your type and a flag that indicates if the value is initialized or not. Let’s see where it can be useful and how you can use it.

Passing Booleans to an Interface in an Expressive Way—Jonathan Boccara

Readability is important.

Passing Booleans to an Interface in an Expressive Way

by Jonathan Boccara

From the article:

In order to allow a function to behave in several different way, and to allow its caller to choose amongst these behaviours, we have several tools at our disposal. Plenty, actually.

There are various sorts of polymorphisms embedded in the language such as virtual functions and templates. And we’ve also seen that a caller can specify the desired behaviour explicitly at call site. We’ve seen how to accomplish this by using tag dispatching, and also how to choose between enums and tag dispatching depending on your need.

I now want to top it off with a really simple technique, that will cost you almost nothing, but one that will make your code much more expressive. And even if it’s not rocket science I’m sharing this with you today because I’ve seen many a piece of code that could have benefited from it...