Cpp On Sea 2019 Trip Report--Arne Mertz

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Cpp On Sea 2019 Trip Report

by Arne Mertz

From the article:

From February 3rd through February 6th I have been in Folkestone, UK, to visit the first C++ On Sea conference.

There must be something in the water on that island that enables them to organize fantastic conferences like ACCUConf and, since this year, C++ On Sea.
C++ On Sea is definitely the best conference I have ever been to, and here’s a little glimpse why I think so...

Slides of the 4th of February 2019 BeCPP Meeting

On February 4th, 2019, the Belgian C++ Users Group had their next event sponsored by Sioux.

Slides of the 4th of February 2019 BeCPP Meeting

About the event:

  • “Parsing CSS in C++ with Boost Spirit X3” by Ruben Van Boxem
  • “Using Monoids in C++” by Kristoffel Pirard

If you couldn’t attend the event in person, or if you would like to go over the material again, you can download them from the BeCPP website.

Italian C++ Conference 2019: Call for sessions and sponsors

I am very happy to announce the 4th edition of the Italian C++ Conference, the biggest annual conference about C++ development in Italy.


When: June 15, 2019

Where: Milan (Politecnico di Milano)



I am very excited to have Andrei Alexandrescu as keynote speaker this year!


The call for sessions is open until Feb 28:

Submit your talk here

One track will be entirely in English.


The event is totally not-for-profit so we are looking for sponsors. For more information, please get in touch by sending an email to info [at] italiancpp [dot] org.

using std::cpp conference becomes bilingual (and remains free)

Yes, you got it. The Spanish C++ one-day conference, using std::cpp, will be bilingual this year.

using std::cpp conference becomes bilingual (and remains free)

by using std::cpp

About the conference:

The conference will be having this year its 6th edition. The event will be on March 7th 2019 in Madrid. And this year there will be a number of talks in English.

  • Long talks (40 min.): 6 in English and 1 in Spanish
  • Short talks (20 min.): 1 in English and 3 in Spanish
  • Flash talks (5 min.): 2 in English.

Full conference program is here.

C++ On Sea: Standard pricing is ending soon

The new C++ On Sea conference is starting soon.

Standard pricing is ending soon

by C++ on Sea

About the article:

With the conference less than two weeks away tickets are still selling well - bearing out the prediction that a lot of people leave it until quite late!

What you might not know is that the standard, two-day, ticket pricing was set to end on the 21st January! After that "Last Minute" tickets can still be bought, but at a slightly higher price.

Call For Papers: Distributed & Heterogeneous Programming in C/C++

The call for papers is now open for DHPCC++19 and closes on 27th January.

DHPCC++, 13 May 2019, Northeastern University, Boston, USA

by the DHPCC++

From the article:

This will be the 3rd DHPCC++ event in partnership with IWOCL, the international OpenCL workshop with a focus on heterogeneous programming models for C and C++, covering all the programming models that have been designed to support heterogeneous programming in C and C++.

Many C++ programming models exist including SYCL, HPX, KoKKos, Raja, C++AMP, HCC, Boost.Compute, and CUDA. This conference aims to address the needs of both HPC and the consumer/embedded community where a number of C++ parallel programming frameworks have been developed to address the needs of multi-threaded and distributed applications. The C++11/14/17 International Standards have introduced new tools for parallel programming to the language, and the ongoing standardization effort is developing additional features which will enable support for heterogeneous and distributed parallelism into ISO C++ 20/23. This conference is an ideal place to discuss research in this domain, consolidate usage experience, and share new directions to support new hardware and memory models with the aim of passing that experience to ISO C and C++.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Future Heterogeneous programming C/C++ proposals (SYCL, Kokkos, Raja, HPX, C++AMP, Boost.Compute, CUDA …)
  • ISO C/C++ related proposals and development including current related concurrency, parallelism, coroutines, executors
  • C/C++ programming models for OpenCL
  • Language Design Topics such as parallelism model, data model, data movement, memory layout, target platforms, static and dynamic compilation
  • Applications implemented using these models including Neural Network, machine vision, HPC, CFD as well as exascale applications
  • C/C++ Libraries using these models
  • Integration of these models with other programming models
  • Compilation techniques to optimize kernels using any of (clang, gcc, ..) or other compilation systems
  • Performance or functional comparisons between any of these programming models
  • Implementation of these models on novel architectures (FPGA, DSP, …) such as clusters, NUMA and PGAS
  • Using these models in fault-tolerant systems

First videos from Meeting C++ 2018 are online!

Right now its the lightning talks which are being uploaded, followed by the first keynote tomorrow!

Meeting C++ 2018 Videos

by Jens Weller

The talks will follow in the coming weeks. Over the weekend the keynotes and lightning talks should be online.

C++Now 2019 Call for Submissions is Live

C++NowC++Now 2019 will be held in Aspen, May 5–10, 2017.

C++Now 2019 Call for Submissions

From the invitation:

The C++Now 2019 Call For Submissions is open! We invite all members of the C++ community, including first time submitters, to submit session proposals to the 8th annual C++Now Conference: C++Now 2018 (Aspen CO, USA, May 5 – 10, 2019).

C++Now builds upon the resounding success of previous BoostCon and C++Now conferences. We look forward to considering your proposals. You will be joining leading speakers from the entire C++ community in making C++Now 2018 better than ever.