ACCU 2018 Trip Report—Felix Petriconi

The yearly conference of the ACCU just has taken place in Bristol, UK. It had three strong C++ tracks.

ACCU 2018 Trip Report

by Felix Petriconi

About the report

Felix describes his view on the conference from the perspective of a conference committee member.

Submit your talk to Meeting C++ 2018

The call for talks for Meeting C++ 2018 is open until June 10th:

Submit your talk to Meeting C++ 2018!

by Jens Weller

From the article:

This year its the 7th edition of Meeting C++, the 2nd time that it spans 3 days!

Speaking at Meeting C++ is a fun experience, you get to attend the speakers dinner, attend the full conference for free and enjoy the luxurious Hotelrooms the Andels offers from Wednesday to Saturday! You can look at last years schedule to get a feel for what your competition might talk about, but have in mind that you don't see the talks that were not submitted! If you want to talk about a C++ topic that wasn't covered yet, or have a unique idea for your talk, please submit!

Start speaking!

Meeting C++ encourages you to start speaking about C++, as we all like to hear more and different voices and opinions on the wide range that C++ has become since C++11. Thats why Meeting C++ has a track that is dedicated to new speakers! If this is of interest to you, please read Jon Kalbs blog post on Developing Talk Ideas, additional information on speaking and slide design is available in the speaking guidelines of Meeting C++! You'll find help with your talk in the C++ slack under #speakerscorner.
Also you can submit talks on embedded to Meeting Embedded 2018!

Learn C++ in London and Remotley

Free C++ course starting 1st May 2018.


by CppLondonUni

About the course:

This is free course, aimed at beginners and intermediate users. Our syllabus is based on Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++, 2nd Edition.

Who can benefit from this course:

1. People who have no experience with coding

2. People that come from different languages such as Java, Python, C# etc

3. Developers that would like to refresh their C++ knowledge


London and Online

London - CodeNode 10 South Pl, London EC2M 7EB

Online - (Please RSVP on our host website https:://



Every Tuesday

London - from 18:15 GMT

Online - from 18:30 GMT or soon after


Distributed C++ Meetup 0x02—Jean Guegant

Did you see it?

Distributed C++ Meetup 0x02

by Jean Guegant

From the article:

Here is a quick follow-up of the event I announced in my previous post: the Distributed C++ Meetup 0x02. A quick explanation for those too lazy to click a link or scroll down a bit to read my previous post (not judging you here, I would do the same); the concept of a Distibuted C++ Meetup consists in gathering multiple C++ user groups from around the world in one event using video-conference facilities. This time we had the pleasure to bring together the Berlin, London and Stockholm Meetup groups using King's offices.

Announcing code::dive 2018

code::dive 2018 will be held in Wrocław (Poland), November 7-8, 2018.

Announcing code::dive 2018

by Adam Badura

From the article:

code::dive 2018, the fifth edition, will be held in Wrocław (Poland) on November 7-8, 2018.

Call for Papers is open until end of June 2018 -- register on the webpage.

C++Now Announces Closing Keynote by John Regehr

C++Now 2018 will be held in Aspen, May 6–11, 2018.

Closing Keynote Announced: John Regehr on Undefined Behavior and Compiler Optimizations

From the announcement:

John is a professor of computer science at the University of Utah, where his research group creates tools for making software more efficient and correct. One of his projects is Csmith, a tool that generates random C programs. Why? To test compilers, of course. Csmith has been used to find more than 500 previously unknown bugs in production-quality compilers.

John will share some of the insights he’s gained from his research into compilers.

He will discuss what undefined behavior means to the compiler and how compiler writers use it in surprising ways generate better code.


Trip report: Winter ISO C++ standards meeting (Jacksonville)—Herb Sutter

Lots of things happened.

Trip report: Winter ISO C++ standards meeting (Jacksonville)

by Herb Sutter

From the article:

On Saturday March 17, the ISO C++ committee completed its winter meeting in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, hosted with thanks by the Standard C++ Foundation and Perennial. We had some 140 people at the meeting, representing 8 national bodies. As usual, we met for six days Monday through Saturday, including all evenings...

Announcing Meeting C++ 2018

The details for Meeting C++ 2018:

Announcing Meeting C++ 2018

by Jens Weller

From the article:

Meeting C++ returns with its 2018 conference edition! Like in the previous years, we'll be meeting in Berlin from the 15. - 17th November!

Call for Talks will start soon, just as last year, Meeting C++ 2018 has a track for new speakers!

C++Now Announces Opening Keynote by Lisa Lippincott

C++Now 2018 will be held in Aspen, May 6–11, 2018.

C++Now 2018 Opening Keynote is Lisa Lippincott

From the announcement:

Lisa approaches languages from a mathematical point of view and thinks deeply on the meaning of programming. In this presentation [The Shape of a Program], she will encourage us to apply topology, the fundamental mathematics of space, as a way of looking at a program.

We expect C++Now to sell out again. Register immediately so you won’t miss out.


CppCon 2018 Call for Submissions

Share what you've learned about C++.CppCon

Call for Submissions

by CppCon

From the announcement:

Have you learned something interesting about C++, maybe a new technique possible in C++14/17? Or perhaps you have implemented something cool related to C++, maybe a new C++ library? If so, consider sharing it with other C++ enthusiasts by giving a regular program talk at CppCon 2018.

The submissions deadline is May 11 with decisions sent by July 1.