Why do arrays have to be deleted via delete[] in C++

This note is for C++ beginner programmers who are wondering why everyone keeps telling them to use delete[] for arrays. But, instead of a clear explanation, senior developers just keep hiding behind the magical "undefined behavior" term. A tiny bit of code, a few pictures and a glimpse into nuts and bolts of the compilers – if interested, you're welcome to read.

Why do arrays have to be deleted via delete[] in C++

by Mikhail Gelvih

From the article:

This pointer in no case should be passed to the usual operator delete. Most likely, it will just remove the first element of the array and leave the others intact. Note that I wrote "most likely" for a reason, because no one can predict every possible outcome and the way the program will behave. It all depends on what objects were in the array and whether their destructors did something important. As a result, we get the traditional undefined behavior. This is not what you would expect when trying to delete an array.

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