CppCon 2022 keynote: Erik Rainey, "Using C++14 in an Embedded 'SuperLoop' Firmware"

Flying Amazon drones on C++:

Erik Rainey live in person at CppCon 2022

From the announcement:

Using C++14 in an Embedded “SuperLoop” Firmware

This presentation covers what the execution environment of an embedded “superloop” firmware is in order to describe later why certain C++14 language and library features are used and others are not. This environment lacks many basic features and capabilities that traditional C++ programmers may think are common place but is able to be programmed in C++14 (and later) with a specific design paradigms and guidelines. Programmers with deeply embedded C experience will be familiar with some of the limitations of the environment but may find the C++ solutions quite refreshing! The talk will conclude with some comments on C++17 / C++20 features which will be quite valuable to embedded environments of all types.

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