April 2022

Pure Virtual C++ 2022 Schedule Available--Sy Brand

Will you attend?

Pure Virtual C++ 2022 Schedule Available

by Sy Brand

From the article:

Pure Virtual C++ 2022 is a free, one-day virtual conference for the whole C++ community. The schedule is now available. You can find the full set of abstracts, alongside calendar files to download on the website...

All times UTC on the 26th April.

14:04 – What’s New In C++23, Sy Brand
14:37 – Cute C++ Tricks, Part 2 of N: More code you should learn from and never write, Daisy Hollman
15:12 – Embedded development with VS and VS Code, Marc Goodner
15:47 – Everything I learned about static analysis and program safety in C++, Sunny Chatterjee
16:22 – Persistent Representation of C++ for Fun and Profit, Gabriel Dos Reis

Mixins--Rainer Grimm

The series continue.


by Rainer Grimm

From the article:

In my previous  post "More about Dynamic and Static Polymorphism", I used the Curiously Recurring Template Pattern (CRTP) to implement static polymorphism. Another typical use case for CRTP are mixins...

Meeting C++ is looking for employers for the job fair in May

The second C++ online job fair will be on May 3rd/4th organized by Meeting C++.

Meeting C++ is looking for employers for the job fair in May

by Jens Weller

From the article:

A call for employer participation in the online C++ job fair in beginning of May.

If you have open positions to fill and/or are looking for C++ talent, don't miss the chance to hire through Meeting C++ events! Sponsors of the event will be listed in the CV Sharing form at Meeting C++ and receive CVs submitted by candidates directly through Meeting C++. This brings the advantage that you reach the many candidates that could not make it to the event. Further your logo and a paragraph or two about your company are listed on the website and advertised on social media. Free tables have 4 instead of 8 seats and will be listed below the sponsors. The free option is limited to the time of the event and companies can only participate twice with the free option. The last event had 71 candidates apply to the various sponsors of the event.

Annoucing Meeting C++ 2022

The dates and more has been announced for Meeting C++ 2022:

Announcing Meeting C++ 2022

by Jens Weller

From the article:

Meeting C++ 2022 (17th - 19th November) will be a hybrid event, returning to Berlin while also being an online event for all that can't make it to the Andels in Berlin.

After two years, this years conference will be the first hosted on site again. For 3 days Meeting C++ will offer the best of C++ in talks and 3 keynotes. Keynotes will be announced later, there is a long list of folks I'd like to keynote, but I haven't decided on this at the moment...