Pure Virtual C++ 2022 Schedule Available--Sy Brand

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Pure Virtual C++ 2022 Schedule Available

by Sy Brand

From the article:

Pure Virtual C++ 2022 is a free, one-day virtual conference for the whole C++ community. The schedule is now available. You can find the full set of abstracts, alongside calendar files to download on the website...

All times UTC on the 26th April.

14:04 – What’s New In C++23, Sy Brand
14:37 – Cute C++ Tricks, Part 2 of N: More code you should learn from and never write, Daisy Hollman
15:12 – Embedded development with VS and VS Code, Marc Goodner
15:47 – Everything I learned about static analysis and program safety in C++, Sunny Chatterjee
16:22 – Persistent Representation of C++ for Fun and Profit, Gabriel Dos Reis

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