Voting results and the Top 10 talks for Meeting C++ 2021

The results from the voting for this years Meeting C++ conference are in, and published together with the Top10 of talks!

Voting results and the top 10 Talks for Meeting C++ 2021

by Jens Weller

From the article

The Meeting C++ hive mind has spoken, and given the feedback of the C++ community to the submissions of Meeting C++ 2021.

Like in the previous years, one could vote from 0-5 for each talk and leave a comment if you'd like on each talk. The talks are randomized in Order, and not every voting session has finished the full stack of talks to vote on. The result below is then achieved by weighing the votes from 0-5 as {-3,-2,-1,1,3,4}, this gives the talks that folks want to see a bit of an edge, while the negative numbers help to keep the range of the end result a bit closer. Having bought a ticket before the voting starts does give you a higher voting weight, as you'll be attending the conference.


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