How to use C++ for Cross-Platform Development--Gusts Kaksis

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How to use C++ for Cross-Platform Development

by Gusts Kaksis

From the article:

My current line of work revolves around an app that runs on four platforms – Android, iOS, macOS and Windows. It’s core code base is written in C++ and it uses Objective-C (on iOS and macOS) and Java (on Android) to access native APIs. I wanted to share some tips and tricks that I’ve accumulated over time on how to make the ends meet.

This article will mainly concentrate on languages and so called backend part of the application, if you are also interested in cross-platform UI development, then that is a whole another story and I won’t be covering it here. I can only mention some good frameworks to start with, like Qt, React Native, Flutter to name a few (the latter two being further away from C++, but they have C++ bindings)...

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