March 2021

2021-03 Mailing Available

The 2021-03 mailing of new standards papers is now available.


WG21 Number Title Author Document Date Mailing Date Previous Version Subgroup
N4884 WG21 2021-02 Virtual Meeting Minutes of Meeting Nina Ranns 2021-03-09 2021-03   All of WG21
N4885 Working Draft, Standard for Programming Language C++ Thomas Köppe 2021-03-16 2021-03   All of WG21
N4886 Editors' Report - Programming Languages - C++ Thomas Köppe 2021-03-16 2021-03   All of WG21
P0448R4 A strstream replacement using span as buffer Peter Sommerlad 2021-03-01 2021-03 P0448R3 LWG Library
P0958R3 Networking TS changes to support proposed Executors TS Christopher Kohlhoff 2021-03-24 2021-03 P0958R2 SG4 Networking
P1018R9 C++ Language Evolution status  pandemic edition 2021/01–2021/03 JF Bastien 2021-03-08 2021-03 P1018R8 EWG Evolution,All of WG21
P1315R7 secure_clear Miguel Ojeda 2021-03-10 2021-03 P1315R6 CWG Core,LWG Library
P1425R4 Iterators pair constructors for stack and queue Corentin Jabot 2021-03-05 2021-03 P1425R3 LEWG Library Evolution,LWG Library
P1518R1 Stop overconstraining allocators in container deduction guides Arthur O'Dwyer 2021-02-23 2021-03 P1518R0 LWG Library
P1518R2 Stop overconstraining allocators in container deduction guides Arthur O'Dwyer 2021-03-14 2021-03 P1518R1 LWG Library
P1875R2 Transactional Memory Lite Support in C++ Michael Spear 2021-03-14 2021-03 P1875R1 SG1 Concurrency and Parallelism,EWG Evolution
P2025R2 Guaranteed copy elision for return variables Anton Zhilin 2021-03-24 2021-03 P2025R1 EWG Evolution,CWG Core
P2041R1 template = delete David Stone 2021-03-10 2021-03 P2041R0 EWG Evolution
P2066R6 Suggested draft TS for C++ Extensions for Minimal Transactional Memory Jens Maurer 2021-03-15 2021-03 P2066R5 SG1 Concurrency and Parallelism,SG5 Transactional Memory,EWG Evolution,LEWG Library Evolution
P2093R5 Formatted output Victor Zverovich 2021-03-14 2021-03 P2093R4 LEWG Library Evolution
P2210R2 Superior String Splitting Barry Revzin 2021-03-05 2021-03 P2210R1 LWG Library
P2242R2 Non-literal variables (and labels and gotos) in constexpr functions Ville Voutilainen 2021-03-15 2021-03 P2242R1 EWG Evolution,CWG Core
P2266R1 Simpler implicit move Arthur O'Dwyer 2021-03-13 2021-03 P2266R0 EWG Evolution,CWG Core
P2299R0 `mdspan` and CTAD Bryce Adelstein Lelbach 2021-02-27 2021-03   LEWG Library Evolution
P2303R1 Function literals and value closures Jens Gustedt 2021-03-01 2021-03 P2303R0 SG22 Compatability
P2305R1 Type inference for variable definitions and function returns Jens Gustedt 2021-03-01 2021-03 P2305R0 SG22 Compatability
P2313R0 Core Language Working Group "tentatively ready" issues for the February, 2021 meeting William M. (Mike) Miller 2021-03-24 2021-03   All of WG21
P2314R1 Character sets and encodings Jens Maurer 2021-03-15 2021-03 P2314R0 SG16 Unicode,EWG Evolution
P2318R0 A Provenance-aware Memory Object Model for C Jens Gustedt 2021-02-27 2021-03   SG22 Compatability
P2322R1 ranges::fold Barry Revzin 2021-03-16 2021-03 P2322R0 LEWG Library Evolution
P2325R1 Views should not be required to be default constructible Barry Revzin 2021-03-16 2021-03 P2325R0 LEWG Library Evolution
P2328R0 join_view should join all views of ranges Tim Song 2021-03-15 2021-03   LEWG Library Evolution
P2330R0 WG21 2021-02 Virtual Meeting Record of Discussion Nina Ranns 2021-03-09 2021-03   All of WG21
P2331R0 Unsequenced functions Étienne Alepins 2021-03-02 2021-03   SG22 Compatability
P2332R0 Establishing std::hive as replacement name for the proposed std::colony container Matthew Bentley 2021-03-08 2021-03   LEWG Library Evolution
P2333R0 2021 Winter Library Evolution Poll Outcomes Bryce Adelstein Lelbach 2021-03-12 2021-03   LEWG Library Evolution
P2334R0 Add support for preprocessing directives elifdef and elifndef Melanie Blower 2021-03-12 2021-03   SG22 Compatability,EWG Evolution
P2338R0 Freestanding Library: Character primitives and the C library Ben Craig 2021-03-13 2021-03   SG14 Low Latency,SG22 Compatability,LEWG Library Evolution
P2339R0 Contract violation handlers Andrzej Krzemieński 2021-03-15 2021-03   SG21 Contracts
P2340R0 Clarifying the status of the "C headers" Thomas Köppe 2021-03-15 2021-03   SG22 Compatability,LEWG Library Evolution,LWG Library
P2400R0 Library Evolution Report Bryce Adelstein Lelbach 2021-02-27 2021-03   All of WG21

C++ on Sea 2021 - Dates, Call for Speakers and Keynote announced

C++ on Sea has announced 2021 dates - 30th June - 2nd July.

Announcing C++ on Sea 2021

by C++ on Sea

About the event

The event will be held online, again, but with more of a focus on workshop based training, which is now part of the standard ticket price.

The Call for Speakers is also open

The Call for Speakers runs until 18th April.

And the closing keynote announced

The closing (and only) keynote will be given by Ansel Sermersheim and Barbara Geller

Creating a task completion source for a C++ coroutine 4--Raymond Chen

The series continue.

Creating a task completion source for a C++ coroutine: Failing to produce a result

by Raymond Chen

From the article:

So far, we’ve been working on building a result_holder that can hold any type of result. But what about errors?

Because maybe you have code that’s waiting for a result, and the code that’s supposed to produce the result realizes that it messed up and wants to say, “Sorry, no result today.”...

Cling -- Beyond Just Interpreting C++--Vassil Vassilev, Wim Lavrijsen, Alexandru Militaru

New tools.

Cling -- Beyond Just Interpreting C++

by Vassil Vassilev, Wim Lavrijsen, Alexandru Militaru

From the article:

In our previous blog post “Interactive C++ for Data Science” we described eval-style programming, interactive C++ in Notebooks and CUDA. This post will discuss some developed applications of Cling supporting interoperability and extensibility. We aim to demonstrate template instantiation on demand; embedding Cling as a service; and showcase an extension enabling on-the-fly automatic differentiation...

Italian C++ Conference 2021 - Call for Sessions--Marco Arena

Will you answer?

Italian C++ Conference 2021 - Call for Sessions

by Marco Arena

From the article:

Since 2016, the Italian C++ Conference is the biggest and most successful event organized by the Italian C++ Community where professionals, companies and students meet to share experience about C++ development and practices.

The next conference is planned for June 19, online (Remo) and will be free to attend (as usual)...