Overload 159 is now available

ACCU’s Overload journal of October 2020 is out. It contains the following C++ related articles.

Overload 159 is now available

From the journal:

By Frances Buontempo
Do we know what reality is? Frances Buontempo is no longer sure and now wonders if she’s a fictional character.

poly::vector – A Vector for Polymorphic Objects
By Ferenc Nándor Janky
Heterogeneous vectors can be slow. Janky Ferenc introduces a sequential container for storing polymorphic objects in C++.

Kafka Acks Explained
By Slanislav Kozlovski
Kafka’s configuration can be confusing. Slanislav Kozlovski helps us visualise this most misunderstood configuration setting.

Concurrency Design Patterns
By Lucian Tadu Teodorescu
Orchestrating concurrent tasks using mutexes is seldom efficient. Lucian Tadu Teodorescu investigates design patterns that help unlock concurrent performance.

C++ Modules: A Brief Tour
By Nathan Sidwell
C++20’s long awaited module system has arrived. Nathan Sidwell presents a tourist’s guide.

The Edge of C++
By Ferenc Deák
Everything has limits. Deák Ferenc explores the bounds of various C++ constructs.

By Chris Oldwood
Assume failure by default. Chris Oldwood considers various fail cases.

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